Some more magic and deadly enemies

[HUN]Mindless Game Studio

def Mindless():
return """
A funny game where your aim is to reach the heavens with your balloon, while drawing magic runes into the air to cast various dangers away.


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.9

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 46


File Uploader Date
Known bugs are fixed and there are now HP bonus balloons
kukkerman 2007/04/24 20:00
Beta version
kukkerman 2007/04/07 22:30
Windows version with py2exe
kukkerman 2007/04/07 20:40
Final but still alpha release
kukkerman 2007/04/07 17:38
Pre-alpha version. Some details are missing.
kukkerman 2007/04/06 23:00
Some more magic and deadly enemies
kukkerman 2007/04/06 02:43
Gameplay is emerging
Ron 2007/04/05 21:01
The balloon and some test enemies
kukkerman 2007/04/04 21:57

Diary Entries

Some info about the game

Well yesterday we finally made some progress as you can see from the screenshot.
The game concept is quite simple: you are a wizard in a balloon and you're planning to take a journey into the clouds to carry out some experiments (right now it's a bit fuzzy why but don't care :) This journy turns out to be very dangerous because the sky is filled with hostile creatures who are trying to blow off you from their territory. You have to cast spells to keep them away (or better: make them die! :)
Spell casting is carried out with mouse gestures so you have to draw the appropriate rune into the air. Different spells affect different creatures differently (what a difference!)

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Sky Journey final

Huhh... It wasn't easy. There are many features we didn't have time to implement. Maybe we'll release them in a patch after the competiton. Rune drawing is a little difficult so be patient and follow the instuctions we gave. You'll succeed for sure and become a master wizard at the end of the game :)


rune drawing again

* Rune drawing behaves strange on my computer when running in fullscreen
* While intermission texts are floating through the screen, mouse is sometimes stuck in rune drawing mode.

If you encounter any of these problems, please switch to windowed mode with the -w switch, and also tell us please, so we could fix it. Thanks!


Sky Journey update and conclusions

Well it's over. It was fun working on this game and was good to see how much excellent games are born in a week. To tell the truth I enjoyed playing them much more than these fancy games out there nowadays. Most of them just luck the spirit I think.
Now something about Sky Journey. As you may have noticed we haven't really had time to polish the game but I think we're not the only one :) I've just uploaded an updated version which is (hopefully) free from the known bugs (thanks for the feedbacks!) and adds a new bonus: the HP balloon. As soon as we'll have some time we'll refactor the source (it's a bit messy right now) and add scores, highscores, improved gameplay, etc. So stay tuned!

Thanks for playing our game. I hope it was at least as fun as creating it.


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