PyWeek Game Team Rating
8 Mindless Labs - Ultimate Banana Squad Mindless Labs - Ultimate Banana Squad DNF
7 Garbage Collector Mindless Labs 3.59
6 Aerobotics Aerobotics 3.34
5 Mindless Game Analytics Studio Mindless Game Analytics Studio 3.18
4 [HUN]Mindless Game Studio [HUN]Mindless Game Studio 3.47
3 MindlessGS: The Return MindlessGS: The Return 2.60
2 Mindless Game Studio Mindless Game Studio 2.67

goss's awards

Best difficulty levels Presented by saluk for Garbage Collector

"Memory Pointer Bob" Award Presented by HanClinto for Garbage Collector

First place in lexicographical order Presented by dmoisset for None