Alex maintains Bacon, a game engine for Python.

alex's entries

18 Goodnight, Mr President Diced 3.96
17 Monthly Visitor 3.33
10 The Street Performer 3.92
9 eggs eggs DNF
8 Leaving Home Outside 3.52
7 Kite Story Midnight Sun 4.17
6 Make Me Make Me 3.87
5 Lazy Susan 3.81
4 delta-v 2.76
3 Slubberingly DNF
2 Nelly's Rooftop Garden 4.43

alex's awards

Angry Linux Presented by mvuets for Diced

Most Scandalous Game Presented by assertivist for Diced

Hunter and Collector: A journey with bite Presented by IttyBTKitty for Monthly Visitor

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for Outside

< 3 EMO < 3 Presented by Macarse for Outside

Actually bothered to do packaging award Presented by htormey for Outside

Pyglet rocks award! Presented by htormey for Outside

Least overly complicated Presented by saluk for Midnight Sun

Most Metaphysical Presented by saluk for Midnight Sun

Barrilete Cosmico Presented by riq for Midnight Sun

Best Goodlooking Rope Presented by claxo for Midnight Sun

Universe In A Box Presented by Chard for Midnight Sun