Click! it's animated!

Awesome block game 2 -- return of the block : The story of one block against the world

Like my previous game I'm hoping to have a minimalist design.The only dependency should end up being pygame so anyone will be able to play. I'm still rather new to programming so help and advice is always appreciated. logo


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 2.6

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 49


File Uploader Date
my final entry. It's fun.
eugman 2007/04/08 00:46
Near finished version. Got lots of nice things.
eugman 2007/04/07 14:14
Click! it's animated!
eugman 2007/04/06 02:38
Look at that beautiful background! Man I am pushing it to the limit with these graphics
eugman 2007/04/04 01:10
I fixed collision. Things are coming together.
eugman 2007/04/03 01:22
First well working version of my game.
eugman 2007/04/02 23:31
Look at them logs. Beautiful. Too bad I'm changing games because some of my code is bad.
eugman 2007/04/02 21:19
I need to remember to clear the screen. Woo gravity
eugman 2007/04/01 14:56

Diary Entries

Previous work

To what degree am I allowed to make use of my previous entry? It's released under public domain and commented so anyone foolish enough to use my code may.


testing something

I'm messing around with some mechanics, anyone care to try it out?



Everything is going to be done with pygame.draw . So what I'm wondering is if my block player should have block logs or if I should approximate roundness with a bunch of rectangles.

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What is essential to a good production score?

I am going to be using only pygame.draw for a my graphics, so I am wondering what I need to make sure I have a good productions score.
for example is music a must?


Rollin' on the rivah.

I've been working on a game where you climb up a river. It's a bit of fun as is but I'm hoping to make it more interesting.

I'm wondering if anyone thinks I can get good production score even if everything is made using pygame.draw

You can get the latest version at my svn page You only need main and euclid.


Bask in the awesome blockiness

This is the menu screen for my game. The three shapes up top are my score. The highest I've gotten is 324.
On the screen it looks like I got 279.

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What works in linux.

The following games work just fine for me without having to use the command line. I click on the and choose run with python and these games just work.

Focus your effort on them.

  1. abg2-rotb
  2. BaloonEscape
  3. Cent_of_fb
  4. DashmanDX
  5. familyguys
  6. freakk
  7. f-m
  8. Gang_of_6
  9. gin_n_phytonic
  10. GOD
  11. greg_pw4
  12. Hectic
  13. jwhitlark
  14. LastMinute
  15. mmorts
  16. PrintStarIII
  17. pycor 2
  18. Pytower
  19. pywiii
  20. selsine_2_0
  21. Tee-py4
  22. thecode
  23. toba4
  24. vi
  25. Zankar2


What works, what doesn't, and how to fix it.

Since there are so many issue with the games I'm going to try and keep a list of all the programs that worked for me including the ones that needed changed or run from the command line or if I was just missing a library.

Since I'll need to update it I'm going to host it on my site. You can see it here.