Rollin' on the rivah.

I've been working on a game where you climb up a river. It's a bit of fun as is but I'm hoping to make it more interesting.

I'm wondering if anyone thinks I can get good production score even if everything is made using pygame.draw

You can get the latest version at my svn page You only need main and euclid.

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ah... now i get it! original idea, how are you going to make it more game-like? :-) other types of obstacles or different speeds maybe... tough that it restarts everytime one falls into the water.
I'm still trying to figure out if I should have specific levels or not. If not I think I'll have maybe three lives and stuff you can grab like more lives or something else. For different speeds I'm a a bit limited. What I really want is a reason for the player to run back to the edge.

I've added mountains and some other niceities like lives. Try it out!