Previous work

To what degree am I allowed to make use of my previous entry? It's released under public domain and commented so anyone foolish enough to use my code may.

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It's public code. I see no reason why you and others shouldn't be allowed to use it as reference code. Using it as game code though reallly goes against the spirit of the challenge, I think.
I second Richard's post. Going back and reusing existing game code is SO Electonic Arts. ;)

I'd also like to add that I totally dig your entry name. Nice, long title ;)
Haha fydo :)

Oh and yeah, cool name eugman ;)

Damn, I'm gonna have to fix up some of the site formatting to cope with its length tho :)

Muhaha my unusually long name has thwarted your benevolent contest plans! Actually I wanted to have an acronym that contained all of it but apparently 18 characters with one being a colon is just outright.

Now could you make some sort of general definiton of game code because for the stuff outside of the game loop it seems a bit gray.