What works in linux.

The following games work just fine for me without having to use the command line. I click on the run_game.py and choose run with python and these games just work.

Focus your effort on them.

  1. abg2-rotb
  2. BaloonEscape
  3. Cent_of_fb
  4. DashmanDX
  5. familyguys
  6. freakk
  7. f-m
  8. Gang_of_6
  9. gin_n_phytonic
  10. GOD
  11. greg_pw4
  12. Hectic
  13. jwhitlark
  14. LastMinute
  15. mmorts
  16. PrintStarIII
  17. pycor 2
  18. Pytower
  19. pywiii
  20. selsine_2_0
  21. Tee-py4
  22. thecode
  23. toba4
  24. vi
  25. Zankar2

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Subterraneman didn't work? Works for me.
Actually there are quite a few like Cursed or mango3 which work but only if you open then through the command line. I'm sure this is acceptable but I just ran through the bunches of entries and see what worked without using the command line. There were also three for me which worked until I tried playing.
Deathtower is not working in linux?!? Please reply with the errors you get.
Is Team Quicksilver not working????

the *only* dependencies are pygame/python!

perhaps go into lib and try main.py?
For Deathtower it works from the command line. If I run it directly from the file I crash when I pick single player.

For team quicksilver I just ran in from the command line and got this at the end of the traceback:
  File "/home/eugene/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/TLP-2/TeamQuicksilver1.25/lib/modules/level_loader.py",
 line 40, in load_config
    a=open(f, 'rU').read()
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'data/config.txt'
could you check to see if you got the config file when you downloaded the game?
Shoot! this isnt good!
MarineRescue did not work in linux? plz let me know. Thank you
I've been working on a more updated list here. For a lot of the items not listed I either had to run it straight from the terminal(probably a relative path issue) or it seemed to crash. I think in your case you have enter set to quit and esc to continue which is completely counter-intuitive and I thought I had crashed it.
eugman, your efforts are to be commended!

Ubuntu is not Linux (our game should work ok on any system with Python 2.5 - although incompatibility with 2.4 wasn't intended/neccessary.. oops), but anyway: Thank you very much for your effords.. :)

I'm glad it was useful. Also to be fair, everyone who stated the distro they were using said ubuntu (except for one person using mandriva) so it seemed reasonable enough.
Well there are more than one version of ubuntu also (with different packages) ;) My game works flawless on my ubuntu dapper workstation, but has some sound glitches on my ubuntu edgy laptop.
Very nice job eugman! :)
Dam Builder was developed on Linux, but it will have problems due to a not-recent-enough version of ODE/PyODE in many Linux distributions, as noted in the INSTALL.txt (2d joint support is needed). I've included a 'buildout' version which should help some folks install things on Linux without a lot of effort. Again, this is documented in INSTALL.txt.
SDAFF - "Escape From Robot Planet" was developed in Linux & Windows simultaneously, and tested in both. The instructions don't say to click on run_game.py, it says to open up a terminal and type 'python run_game.py' It also lists Python 2.5 & Boost as requirements for Linux. There are packages for both of these available for every major distro out there. It also runs perfectly well in Windows. OK, you need Boost 1.33.1, specifically in Linux. I'll post this file : libboost_python.so.1.33.1 tonight, so you don't have to hunt it down yourself.
Super Spelunker DEFINITELY works in Linux, and doesn't have any odd dependencies. It may not be packaged according to the same standards as other entries, because I had to finish on Friday and packaging was one of the things I ran out of time for (in fact, I was rushing to try and get a third boss working, but failed), but just running spelunker.py works. I didn't actually try it under Windows at all until earlier today at my parents' house, but it worked straight off the bat.

To anyone else who is going to read the top without any of the intervening comments:It was a quick list of what worked straight from nautilus. I've more recently made an updated list of things here.

And yes, YES, I know that one is expected to run the files from the command line. For this I had done a quick run through of what I could run easily since there were so many entries to go through. Please stop posting to this thread.

eugman, it's only natural that if you say 'focus your effort on them' and someone's game is not included in that list, those of us whose games do actually work under Linux have a few things to say. We don't want people to get the impression that things don't work on Linux while they do. Some things don't work out of the box due to documented dependency issues.

I saw that other page by the way before I commented on this thread, but I have no clue how to leave my comment there.

It's not that so much I suppose. It's more that despite making this thread. But I suppose that's my fault for not making a link.
It is one thing to say that these things work and these don't, but it is a whole other thing to post the list with any provided bug fixes.

I am aware that there are questions concerning the "fixing" someone's entry to make it run. And as a member of a team that doesn't run initially on Linux, I'd really love for you to edit the two offending lines, but I'd be just as happy if in a week you came back and then told me that you thought our concept was neat, the enemies were exceptionally frustrating, and the level almost well thought out.

So many entries this time through too! Tonight I'm going to try and play each and every one that I can. It will be a fun night.
For me, if an entry required "fixing" to run, I generally docked them some production points. And my game is one of those I would dock points from (TLP-2, TeamQuicksilver, whatever it is listed as) ;)

I greatly appreciate what eugman has done in creating a list of which games run, which dont, and how to fix them, but I agree,
When he said "focus on these", I thought "what on earth!", because my game wasnt there, but you no what? My game actually had an issue, and he brought it to my attention, so I will now have more votes(and fewer DQ's), in all likely-hood :).

So I kinda realize where he was coming from now ;)
There are a huge number of games to be judged, and few will be able to judge them all, so he was showing the ones that will have the least difficulty in running, this in no way should affect the other games scores, as the ones that someone doesnt even get around to playing will not be judged down(according to my understanding of the scoring system)

If your game is on the "cant run" and "no known fix" list, eugman posted how to contact him with fixes, comments, etc. here:

And if you have any problems with any of the games, I would strongly recommend you check out this link to get them to run :)

I hope this helps :)

-> also I setup this ugly wiki and dumped eugman's work into it, if someone finds a new fix or something, plz write it down for others: