PyWeek Game Team Rating
13 Veasel Veasel DNF
10 dunnoYet Anklosaurs: they have thick armour DNF
8 Suburbia! 24-7 Donkeys 2.89
7 Yo Yo Brawlah! Canaraberican 3.22
6 Yo Yo Brawlah! Can-arab-ericans Represent! DNF
5 Gold To Lead 1.89
4 Team Jihad Team Jihad 3.37
2 sjbrown 2.94

sjbrown's awards

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for Suburbia!

What is going on here? Presented by shundread for Suburbia!

Developer with the most symmetrical facial hair. Presented by htormey for Suburbia!

Stole my Top o' the list rank! Presented by pymike for Suburbia!

Longest Load Times Presented by saluk for Yo Yo Brawlah!

Recursion Depth Limits Transcension Award Presented by djfroofy_c_ for Yo Yo Brawlah!