sjbrown's entries

13 Veasel Veasel DNF
10 dunnoYet Anklosaurs: they have thick armour DNF
8 Suburbia! 24-7 Donkeys 2.89
7 Yo Yo Brawlah! Canaraberican 3.22
6 Yo Yo Brawlah! Can-arab-ericans Represent! DNF
5 Gold To Lead 1.89
4 Team Jihad Team Jihad 3.37
2 sjbrown 2.94

sjbrown's awards

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for 24-7 Donkeys

What is going on here? Presented by shundread for 24-7 Donkeys

Developer with the most symmetrical facial hair. Presented by htormey for 24-7 Donkeys

Stole my Top o' the list rank! Presented by pymike for 24-7 Donkeys

Longest Load Times Presented by saluk for Canaraberican

Recursion Depth Limits Transcension Award Presented by djfroofy_c_ for Canaraberican