what it looks like... for what its worth

Gold To Lead

Trigonometry bugs prevented me from doing a complete game. What I've got is basically a "toy", but I still think it's pretty fun to play around with.


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Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.5
Production: 1.7
Innovation: 2.5

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 30


File Uploader Date
twist_tail_toy-0.4 final
sjbrown 2007/09/09 15:38
what it looks like... for what its worth
sjbrown 2007/09/08 21:00
crappy progress. too long tracking a stupid bug
sjbrown 2007/09/06 08:32
first upload. wow, this is taking a long time.
sjbrown 2007/09/06 03:39

Diary Entries

First night of mulling

Was away from a computer all saturday night, so I only had time to toss ideas around in my head. I think i've settled on the idea of a game similar to marbles, except you toss your marbles around by twisting up an "elastic band" attached to them.

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