testing something

I'm messing around with some mechanics, anyone care to try it out?


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ImportError: No module named euclid ...
Maybe you need to install pyeuclid ;)
Considering this is only a single .py file :)
eugman, I would say this looks great, but they could stand to be a bit livelier :)

I might need to use something like this for our game :P
Looks like a nice game could come out from that.
I forgot about the dependency. http://partiallydisassembled.net/euclid.html
Looks good :) hoping to see a very interesting game.
This reminds me a bit of the trash slinging dynamics I used in TrasVacHero during the pygame.draw 64K pyweek. Ended up doing lots of tweaking to the attraction at different ranges and added velocity limiting to make it 'feel right'. Looks cool! It's always exhilarating to have lots of thingies flying around ! :)
I think I'm going to have to get down with euclid this time too.. Very nice looking lib, seeing this and what Richard did with it last time around... rather than rolling my dinky tuple vector functions each time..
more experimenting:

Looking livelier ;)
But now they dont stay close enough to the player,
for example, in flock3, if you move the player really fast around in circles, they get farther and farther away, and it seems they go in circles around you until they get close again :)

otherwise, looking good!
Flock2 isn't clearing the screen properly, so it looks weird. Although it may be interesting in terms of game controls if the ball you control also moves like a flock like in flock2.

Flock3, RB is right; unless that's what you want, the flock can get too far from the player.
I've been working on my other pyweek entry and the stuff in there is more interesting but you'd probably have to go about a dozen levels in to see some of the blobs.

minimainia svn