Backgrounds and bubbles!

The Olde Battleaxe 4

Back again! Rah rah pyweek!

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When you play - make sure to check out all 3 phases - Jungle, Volcano, and Moon!

Game a bit tough? Press F10 for God Mode.


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Overall: 3.9
Fun: 4.0
Production: 4.6
Innovation: 3.2

1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 45


File Uploader Date
Bubble Kong final submission
pekuja 2007/04/08 01:58
Backgrounds and bubbles!
philhassey 2007/04/06 02:11
barbie seahorse adventures
philhassey 2007/04/05 02:31
Brand new graphics featuring our main character, the seahorse.
pekuja 2007/04/02 16:41
mmmm better tiles
philhassey 2007/04/01 21:39
Basic engine working
philhassey 2007/04/01 17:37

Diary Entries

Need Tile/Sprite/Level folks for Mario3 clone

Hey, My team is wanting to build a Mario3 style game this time-around. We've got our coded and music/sfx covered quite well at this point - but we could use as many people as possible on tiles/sprites/levels. Reply here if interested. Or maybe I'll be in #pyweek. Phil


pgu - bug fixes


I haven't released a new update of pgu in ages, but there are a handful of minor bug fixes in svn:


There is a bug in it that makes it not work with python 2.5 while using tilevid, etc. If you plan on using tilevid .. if you have a moment, please send me a patch. (The bug is, I use the keyword "as" as a variable. Easy to fix, but I'm pretty busy right now!) And I can put it in for you.

Thanks! Phil

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looking for pixel artists and level artists!

I'm working on a game - sort of a Mario 3 clone. It's going to be all oldschool and low-res and using just a few colors. And I need artists to help make the game! I've already got a few people helping, but the more the merrier. Once the tile graphics are made, I'll also need level designers to put together levels.

The basic plot of the game is "Oh no, the evil overlord stole the galaxy crystal, we must fly up to the moon to get it!" In more concrete terms - first few levels are in a jungle. The next 3 levels are flying up an exploding volcano. The last 3 levels are going to be on the moon.

Also, if you like to do spirite art, that'd be great too! This is all for the pyweek game development competition this week, and should be lots of fun. Join us on #toba on to talk if you're interested in helping out!

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Barbie Seahorse Adventures, Day 2

Our game is progressing nicely. We've got some graphics now, and I'm tweaking the gameplay elements. There's still a lot to do, but fear not, the game will be super fun and a massive spectacular platforming adventure experience like never seen before!


Getting prettier

gerry / trick went on a huge rally today and got loads of tiles done. We've got a number of folks helping out with sprites and stuff.

Got in nifty tile behaviours today as well as lots of magic codes to control how things happen. It's starting to feel like a game now.

Other code is generally getting cleaned up, bugs getting fixed, music getting made, etc.


bubbles and backgrounds

New goodies:
  • background
  • secret rooms
  • bubbles
  • more badguys
  • more stuff
  • no levels!!!!
If you're interesting in having a part in building this game, join us in #toba and volunteer to help build some levels. We'll use the best ones for the game!


Bubble Kong website - and updates


It was a great pyweek!

My team is likely to do some updates in the future, and we'll be hosting those on my website. In the meantime - check out that link for more Bubble Kong screenshots!

Have fun judging!


Don't run Bubble Kong with .pyw

Apparently our game Bubble Kong crashes eventually if you start it with run_game.pyw, because the game prints out debug messages that we didn't have time to remove before the challenge deadline.
Please start the game with instead.

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Building levels for "Bubble Kong Deluxe"

I'm working on polishing up Bubble Kong for a deluxe release sometime next week. The main thing our team wants to get into the deluxe version is really nice levels. If anyone wants to help out and design some new levels for the game:
  • check out svn://
  • read LEVELS.txt
  • examine a few existing levels, to see how we've put them together
  • join us on #toba for help & to submit levels
Sometime next week we'll vote on which are our favorite levels and then do final bug testing and cleanup of those levels. I'll also put together win32 and macosx binaries once it's all done :)


Bubble Kong boss guide

The object is not to ride the bubbles up and shoot the boss, but to hit it with the bubbles. On stage one the bubble will rise to the cthulhu in the amount of time it takes for the cthulhu to cross one screen. So, if you shoot a fireball in the middle while the cthulhu is in the middle, it will likely be a hit. If you shoot one on the edge while the cthulhu is on the opposite edge, it will likely hit. In stage 2, the boss will cross a screen-and-a-half before the bubble reaches it's level. So, shoot the fireballs on the edge while the cthulhu is in the middle headed towards the opposite edge. Shoot the ones in the middle while it is on either edge. Beyond that, it's just a matter of dodging fireballs. Stay behind the boss, and try to cross under immediatly after it shoots a fireball. As for the other levels, don't touch the baddies, don't fall below the screen, jump at the right time, and remember that it's often advantageous to take bubbles rather than platforms.

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Bubble Kong Deluxe

... Actually, we re-named it back to the original name it had "Barbie Seahorse Adventures" ..

Check it out here.

It's got a bazillion bug fixes and about 10 new levels and all the lousy levels were removed. So have fun!


add your game to

Hey -

Make sure to add your game to (even if it doesn't use pygame) - I'll update the website in a couple of days to have the "featured games" be the top few entries that are added.

- Phil