Need Tile/Sprite/Level folks for Mario3 clone

Hey, My team is wanting to build a Mario3 style game this time-around. We've got our coded and music/sfx covered quite well at this point - but we could use as many people as possible on tiles/sprites/levels. Reply here if interested. Or maybe I'll be in #pyweek. Phil

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If I happen to have a spare hour or so during Pyweek (and your tools are in place), I'd be willing to design a level or two. I don't think you'd consider me an official member of your team for that though.

Yay! SMB3 rocks ;)
Fortunately, for this idea, tools are already in place :) pgu for levelediting and for tile/sprite editing (or whatever you want to use). I hope to get the basic tile set worked out pretty early on so folks can chip in with levels as we go...