Bubble Kong Deluxe

... Actually, we re-named it back to the original name it had "Barbie Seahorse Adventures" ..

Check it out here.

It's got a bazillion bug fixes and about 10 new levels and all the lousy levels were removed. So have fun!

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The Deluxe version is great, great and great. 5 for fun. I love the better scrolling and the exit sign, and the new levels are top-notch too. Great design and nice secret areas. I should probably add some non-linearity to my game too. Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing it through again, though I still couldn't beat the boss. Just too darn hard. I did like the previous name better, but I guess one can't get everything. :)

I hope you still have some energy left to continue!

I beat the boss for the first time when doing the final run through of the game. The trick I found was in phase 2, ride up bubbles so you can be shooting the boss while he is dropping bombs so they are immediately turned into bubbles which hit him. Glad you liked it! - Phil
hmmm.. i tried running it on my fiancee's laptop and here is the barbie.exe.log file's output:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "barbie.py", line 32, in ?
  File "lib\main.pyc", line 306, in main
  File "lib\main.pyc", line 110, in init
  File "lib\level.pyc", line 73, in pre_load
  File "lib\level.pyc", line 50, in load_images
pygame.error: Unsupported image format
I will run it on my computer when I get home, but I thought I'd paste that if you guys want to try to fix it? :\
Sorry Phil, I missed the rename. Fixed in all the places I can now.