Building levels for "Bubble Kong Deluxe"

I'm working on polishing up Bubble Kong for a deluxe release sometime next week. The main thing our team wants to get into the deluxe version is really nice levels. If anyone wants to help out and design some new levels for the game: Sometime next week we'll vote on which are our favorite levels and then do final bug testing and cleanup of those levels. I'll also put together win32 and macosx binaries once it's all done :)

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Any chance of getting some slightly more forgiving levels into the start of the game? No, I don't have time available to offer for doing them :)
Hehe .. good idea. We'll see if anyone steps up to do those :)
richard: Jungle-3 is my fault. :P

I wanted to create a level just for fun, and I did a level that became Jungle-3 (at the time I thought it would be just a bonus level since it's a short level). Unfortunately, when I was testing it, I was invincible, so I didn't realize how hard it was, and I thought there would be some sort of energy bar or something. Philhassey and the rest of the team, I apologize if my level affects your ratings.

philhassey: Maybe later when/if I have time I'll do another level, or redo Jungle-3 to make it easier. :) It was fun creating a level.
Hey, the *first* level is hard :)
Of the whole game, the most difficult levels for me were the first 3 levels and the boss. Not sure if that's intentional :)