This is the final state of my (non) game.

selsine 2.0

Again, it's just me working on this, I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to spend the whole week working on this but I'm looking forward to putting more time into PyGame!


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This is the final state of my (non) game.
selsine 2007/04/07 22:17
This is my final entry, the game isn't done, real world got in the way but here it is anyway!
selsine 2007/04/07 22:16
Ahh the first screen shot not much happening here
selsine 2007/04/02 04:20

Diary Entries

Must remember to make code available

I really need to make my code available after this pyweek with some documentation. Spending all day re-figuring out old pygame code that you haven't look at in a while, when the solution is located just a few few directories aways, yet looking at it would be cheating, really isn't much fun.

Well I take that back it's actually a little bit of fun since I was pretty pleased to get to where I am. Which when considering some of the other entries really isn't that far at all, still I'm happy.

Now that my game levels are saving and loading and I can create levels, I really need to make something happen!

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After the second day

Ah, the old second day, didn't get as much done on the second day as I would have liked. Instead I spent too much time reorganizing my messy code and tracking down bugs.

So two days in and I've got a basic level editor down, and a main game that will load levels...and a character that moves...but no game to speak of!

Hopefully tonight I will be able to add some actual game play into the system!

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Ahh pyODE I thought you were a good idea, your physics seemed so good...but your collision detection (and my wife's birthday) has bested me.

No matter what I do you seem intent on destroying my frame rate or letting my objects pass through walls.'s been fun this time but I don't think that I'll have anything close to anything by idea wasn't bad but trying to integrate pyODE into my game just didn't work.

Not that pyODE doesn't work...just that I couldn't figure out how to get it to work in the context of my game. All I got was hours of frustrating moon physics, frame rates of 2, or characters sliding through other objects.

What I need is a good pygame/pyODE or pygame/physics tutorial...maybe I'll try to write one after this pyweek so that I can use the code next time!

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Well PyWeek4 is done for me

Well that's it for me my (non) game is finished. I wanted to do so much more with it but real world events like my job and my wife's birthday ended up getting in the way.

That and I spent way too much time wrestling with pyODE.

All in all this pyWeek was less fun for me then last pyWeek, since I spent more time this week being frustrated. But I think that I may have learnt more during this pyweek then I did last time so maybe that's a good thing.

One thing that this pyweek did for me is strengthen my resolve to get a nice simple sprite engine going and release it online. That way I will be able to reuse my code next pyweek, rather then spending all this time trying to reinvent the wheel.

By there are some really strong entries out there and I look forward to trying them out. I'm really amazed at what people can come up with in a week!

Especially since I've been unable to come close to creating an actual game!

Great job everyone, see you next week!

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