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Gin & Pythonic


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.8
Production: 4.2
Innovation: 3.3

0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 48


File Size Uploader Date
Release complete with music
12.3 MB jvloothuis 2007/04/07 18:13
A screenshot of the game itself
572.0 KB jvloothuis 2007/04/07 14:38
New and improved
9.4 MB jvloothuis 2007/04/07 14:30
Game with sounds
9.4 MB jvloothuis 2007/04/07 13:13
18.2 MB jvloothuis 2007/04/07 10:06
Start screen
669.5 KB jvloothuis 2007/04/06 20:12

Diary Entries

Windows Installer

The Windows installer is not the latest version. So if you want music and the latest fixes be sure to use the sources.

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First playable release is up

Our first playable release is up. It is quite complete (only sound is missing).

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Game idea

The idea for this times contest wil center monty pythonesque theme. You will play a foot which will need to squish balloons (which float to the top of the screen). We have ideas for different balloon types etc. Our artist will try to create nice handdrawn art. Now that we have our plan it is time to start coding :-)

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