Gameplay almost there...

PrintStar Part III

Another PyWeek! Hooray!


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.4
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 3.6

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File Uploader Date
Elevate - for win32 systems (py2exe'd)
PrintStar 2007/04/07 22:41
Elevate - complete version
PrintStar 2007/04/07 22:38
Gameplay almost there...
PrintStar 2007/04/04 02:50
People walking to the (currently non-existant) elevator
PrintStar 2007/04/01 22:09

Diary Entries

Slow start

After my first day of work, I finally have the game starting up at least. The concept involves operating an elevator to take people up to their desired floor. For fun, I thought I'd try drawing everything directly in pygame instead of using images for sprites (as I've always done). Anyway, I need to put in an elevator (currently its just riders waiting to get on) and the requisite controls. Fun times!

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Final submissions up

The only time I posted this PyWeek was on the first or second day! Anyway, the game is complete, although somewhat simple. Anyone want to try and test it? Ah, you're all probably too busy with your own games. Good luck!

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Minor Problem in Final Version

For anyone who tries to play this game, there is a small oops in one of the classes. While the game works flawlessly in Python 2.5, there is a problem in where empty parentheses appear in the class definition. Python 2.5 has no problem with this, but it causes a syntax error in earlier versions. To play, just make sure to use Python 2.5 (or download the Win32 version if appropriate).