PyWeek - PrintStar Part III - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 2 3

Good sounds and fun game!

4 3 4

I had quite a bit of fun playing this game. It would've been more fun if there were some variations in the types of people that showed up. I also thought the concept is quite innovative, even though of course, with an elevator, the only way is *not* up. :)

The graphics are simple but very effective. The music and sound effects are nice. It would've been better if there was a high score system so I could see whether I beat my previous score, as this is quite an appropriate "casual game" that way.

5 2 5

The progression of difficulty is excellent.. it starts out simple and satisfying, and gets really frantic after a good number of minutes. I think I broke my keyboard!

3 3 4

stressful, I would have been nice to have some kind of goal stated in the beginning screen or in the gui, like deliver 2037 passengers today. and then give the player a break before starting the flood again.

3 3 5

Interesting game. The music becomes annoying quickly.

4 3 3

Very addictive! I'd have liked to see power ups for the elevator or something to not be sooo doomed to failure, but it's lots of fun to keep going just to see how far you can get :)

3 2 2

not bad, after I delivered about 75 people with only 2 complaints it got *crazy*, in fact so crazy that it wasn't fun any more.

4 4 3 yes

Smooth game, a bit of fun, Doesn't fit theme. The theme would have to be the only way is up except for when it is down.

3 3 4

This game really surprised me :)<BR>
I was expecting something rather different, but this turned out to be way more fun and interesting.<BR>
Great job!

5 4 5

Niiiiiice! Go for it!

2 3 4

This building *really* needs more lifts!

The floor numbers need to be somewhere where they won't get obscured by people standing in front of them.

4 3 3

Nice gameplay. I enjoy the frenzy it creates after some time, though at a point the best way seems to simply ignore the passengers and stop at most levels possible. I wish I could crush those annoying stickmen with my elevator. :P

4 3 4

fun game to play :)
nice one.

3 3 3

This reminds me why I never pursued being an elevator operator as a career.

4 4 4

I like this game. Ok, you don't get your eyes blended by super graphics or your brain stimualted
by rocket science gameplay (sorry for that one probe!), but its fun to play anyway and it feels
quite polished.

2 2 2

The game worked fine, but the challenge was easy, and the repetition became obvious.

3 3 4

Fun game! It's too bad that there's no win condition -- I'd be more inclined to play it if there were specific objectives or if it were winnable -- it is such an impossible task near the end, that it feels like a particularly hard game of Disaffected (the Kinko's game). Still, it was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the foot-tapping animation of the impatient guys. Good job! It was a very good game, and I enjoyed it for the time I played it (it's too frustrating for me to want to play much longer).

4 2 4

Diabolical. Innovative. An experience not to be missed. Lack of replay value (who would subject themselves to the torture of all the angry people mad at you more than once?).

3 3 4

Nice concept for a game. :-) The game got a little too hectic though, and it would have been nice to have some other stuff to do besides going up and down. Also, the theme's implementation is a little questionable, since you're actually going up *and* down, but I'll let it slide. ;-)

2 4 3

It's unique, but after a while it becomes repetitive.

3 3 3

interesting game... but the only way is up... and down :)

3 2 2

Fun game, annoying music...

2 2 3

too bad your options are not in some options menu.
also missing is immediately increase the elevator speed

3 3 3

Cool game.

4 4 4

This game has a high potential of replay while cursing. Seems simple, turns out to be quite challenging. In the end, it turns sadistic...

4 4 4

A funny idea and very nice gameplay... The kind of game you play when you should do something else (like work).

3 3 3

Simple concept, lots of fun. Great game

5 3 4

Exhausting gameplay - but a lot of fun (and addictive o.o)!

3 2 3

reminds me of the one with the guy serving beer at the bar.

3 3 3

It's a nice little fun and hectic game. The basic gameplay is good, but there are lots of little flaws and imperfections too. The score isn't displayed after game over, there aren't high scores and if you play the game twice a row, there's a bug that makes the amount of complaints stay the same for the next attempt (at least in the Windows version). I liked the music. The graphics are simple but pretty much do what they're supposed to.

3 3 3

Please shoot me if I ever take up work as an elevator operator. I ended up having to remove the
parens from the class definition in to get this to work.

3 2 4

original idea, it's fun for a couple of times.

4 2 4

Not the best graphics in the world, but I like to play it frequently.

4 3 5

Great fun for such a simple game. I really like the concept but the difficulty scales from rather easy to totally insane in such a short time span.

4 3 4

Loved the frantic gameplay.. it gave me an anxiety complex! they just kept coming... and coming...

4 1 3

I found the game fun and challenging. It's a neat idea (not sure if I've seen it done before)
However, the 'stick men' graphics and annoying music *really* put me off.

4 3 4

Nice game, I got swarmed with employees at times which made for some frantic game play. The stick animations are also nicely done.

2 2 4

It gets ridiculously difficult after a while. =(

3 3 4

Stressy :)

5 4 4

What a great little game. Had me cackling as I lost control :)

2 2 4 yes

Firstly - I wouldn't say this really fits the theme. Sure it has up, but it has down in equal
measure. "The only way is up". Hence the reason for the DQ. Having said that the game was quite

I seemed to get quite a large slowdown near the end of the game, which was a pain. I was also
disappointed at how quickly it jumped back to the menu after the complaints got to 50. I didn't
get to see my score! I also think it may be a good idea to sort the destinations numerically, or
put something up near the elevator, though that's minor.