Minor Problem in Final Version

For anyone who tries to play this game, there is a small oops in one of the classes. While the game works flawlessly in Python 2.5, there is a problem in level.py where empty parentheses appear in the class definition. Python 2.5 has no problem with this, but it causes a syntax error in earlier versions. To play, just make sure to use Python 2.5 (or download the Win32 version if appropriate).

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PS - I had a fix ready before the deadline, but the server was overloaded. No problem, though, since the submitted version works fine in the most up-to-date version of Python. I'll upload a fixed version for everyone with Python 2.4 tomorrow.
This game is insane! I love it :-)
Ok, if anyone insists on using Python 2.4, a compatible version can be found here:


The change is just to lib/level.py where the LevelHandler class is defined. Easy fix if you want to do it by hand.
Yeah I fixed by hand to play it. This game makes me sweat, really clever idea.