I love doing funny games.

My homepage is: Mono Diario

riq's entries

10 the most biggest gamest in the worldst the most biggest gamest in the worldst DNF
9 GasMan: A sound love story 3.39
9 The advetures of PedoMan DNF
7 So long, A love story 3.60
6 pyar strikes back pyar strikes back DNF
6 Robo-T2 pywii again 3.47
5 Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus" Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus" 3.58
4 Pywiii: PyAr presents: "Grossini's Hell" Pywiii: PyAr presents: "Grossini's Hell" 3.68
3 PyAr2:Typus Pocus PyAr2:Typus Pocus 3.86

riq's awards

Hadron Collider award Presented by scav for Solo Solo

The Karhunpoika Sairastaa award of musical prosperity Presented by phren for Solo Solo

Idea Fifa World cup Presented by alecu for Solo Solo