The advetures of PedoMan

PedoMan is deprecated.

See GasMan instead.


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Pedo Man: Starting pyweek now

The Adventures of Pedo Man.

  • Dependencies: cocos2d + pyglet + box2d
  • Story: Pedo Man should rescue his girl
  • Art: none
  • Code: none
  • Music: none

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PedoMan: initial steps done

PedoMan status:
  • box2d + cocos2d + pyglet integration: OK.

code is hosted in google code:

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PedoMan: A Complex Love Story

Pedoman is in love, but her woman doesn't like him.
She likes thinner, lighter guy, lighter as a feather.

But Pedoman is fat. He likes to eat a lot. So, he had this idea:
"If I eat lots of beans but lots lots of beans perhaps I can fart and fart and reduce weight by farting.
And she would love me because I will be light as a feather".

And this is just the beginning of this plataformer love story game.

Will Pedoman be able to conquer her love ?
Who knows...


PedoMan: optimizing time

Since I won't be able to code during this Friday / Saturday due to PyCon Argentina, I need to "optimize" time.

  • A simple SVG (inkscape) parser that generates Box2d code. (it seems that everybody is doing it)
  • No time for tiles.
  • I'll use box2d's DebugDrawData

  • It seems that squirtle can't draw circles, it's raising an exception, so I'll use raster images.

  • cfxr

  • Only If I have time to do it


GasMan: Level editor working

The level editor is working. I'm using Inkscape, and the SVG shapes are associated with box2d shape and body.
Compounds bodies are not supported yet, but probably I won't need them for this game.

The "engine" is more or less working:
  - food can be eated. After 10 foods, GasMan is able to fart and fly
  - When GasMan touches GasWoman the level is over

  • At least 10 levels
  • Scoring
  • Food graphics (beans)
  • Bad guy graphics (lovers)

  • 15 levels
  • High Scores
  • Intro that tells the story
  • cut-scene between levels

  • SVG graphics instead of Box2d DebugDrawData
  • CocosLive high scores

In case you want to try the game in it's early alpha stage:

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GasMan: 15 levels ready

I made more or less 15 levels.
The levels are drawn using box2d.DebugDrawData() which is not very nice.
So, if I have time I will create SVG images instead.

The game is working, but I need to create more complex levels.
Also, I need to write the story, otherwise nobody will understand the "feather" theme.

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