solo solo - so long screenshot

So long, A love story

I'm using pyglet + cocos2d + pymunk.

The game is based on a love story.
Genre of the game: sort of nibbles + puzzle + arcade + love.

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The Karhunpoika Sairastaa award of musical prosperity
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Idea Fifa World cup
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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.5
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.7

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 31


File Uploader Date
riq 2008/09/13 18:14
solo solo - so long screenshot
riq 2008/09/13 09:52
So Long - gameplay
riq 2008/09/13 03:54
solo-solo 1st prototype screenshot
riq 2008/09/07 21:17

Diary Entries

I've an idea!

Yes, after 12 hours I found an idea.
You are an object... I'm not sure what object... but you have parts... each part is attached by strings... and you have to reach a goal. You control the "head" of the object.

That's the idea... simple, but I like it.


back to code

Ok, I'm back.
I will try to finish the game today. I've the idea. I found a nice music, and I already have the graphics.

  • levels
  • menu
  • sound effects

    game finished

    Game Finished!
    I can't believe that I've finished a pyweek game 13 hours before the deadline.

    See you tomorrow!

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    So long - A love story

    I've just released a new version, with some bug fixes and new levels. Download from here:

    I've also renamed the game to:
    So long, a love story

    The game is using:
  • pyglet v1.1.1
  • cocos2d v0.3.0
  • pymunk v0.8

    'Solo Solo': Thanks and iPhone version

    Thank you very much for your feedback!
    This was my first solo entry and I enjoyed pretty much.

    This is the formula that I used for the game:
  • cocos2d: menus, flow control, effects
  • pymunk: physics
  • simple idea, something easy to implement
  • reuse as much resources as possible: music, sounds, graphics, hiscore code
  • spend time with other Argentinian PyWeek groups to feel the nice PyWeek atmosphere

  • Hey, I'm porting the game to iPhone using cocos2d for iphone and chipmunk. The game is 60% done.
    Game status: here

    Would you like to beta test it ? Please send me you device id so I can send you a copy.

    See you in the next Pyweek!

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