September 2007 challenge: “Twisted”

50 entries

Big Dice Games Presents Woody Tigerbaum's Twisted Marble Factory

Woody Tigerbaum is back in an epistolatory game of marbles, pipes, and (of course) crates.

Entrant: tsmaster

Xasm Studios

Xasm Studios first attempt at a Pyweek challenge

Entrant: DiamondGFX


"Labrynth with a Twist!"

Bugfix for linux users: reaname data/art/menusplash.png to menusplash.PNG (sorry!)

Our entry for Pyweek 5. The theme is twisted and our project hopes to score with our simple scheme of gameplay. The player controls a marble and the challenge is to find the end of the maze. To make the game fun, challenging and to fit the theme of the competition, we have created an interesting control scheme. By dragging on screen with the mouse, the player will be able to rotate the level around the marble. Gravity always acts upon the marble, down, relative to the screen. In this way the player can manuever the marble in all sorts of interesting ways. To coincide with the traditional traps of the original Murmel-Labyrinths the marble in this game will be fragile. Fall too far a distance and you'll shatter forcing you to restart.

Team: lukevp, DR0ID, ldle


The year is 1973. A madman with a grudge against telephone companies, calling himself THE TYGER, is planting bombs in telephone exchanges across the country, wired so he can set them off with a phone call.

Your task is to take the TWINKLE out of the Tyger's eye by tracing the connections through the TWISTED and tortuous circuits of the softly TICKING exchange equipment, and finding a way to disarm the bombs before time runs out.

Only you can save the country's vital communications infrastructure from being thrown into TURMOIL...

Note: The screen shot at right is NOT the last level any more, but screen shot uploading doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Entrant: gcewing

3 Hour Game

Last 3 hours of PyWeek, and I'm making a second entry.

Entrant: Tigga


One man entry by ruf.

Entrant: ruf


The year is 2034! You are the Champion of Twisted appointed by the Master Blit of the Axiom Ninja Collective. You must train to become a ninja by fighting the Dukes of Solar Mega-Systems. You only have a whip ... so good luck and watch out for the deadly TCP rays.

Team: djfroofy_c_, cthulhu, phubar

Twisted River Community

Your twisted god sends you along a twisted quest to take a few twisted people and settle along a twisted river. Can you fulfill your destiny or will you cause everybody to starve?

A city-builder game set along a unnaturally winding river, with crazy villagers and a god who would love to see you fail.

Entrant: Alya

Masters of the Universe

“Silence you furry fool. You’re finished here, you understand? I’ve had it with your whining. You’re cast out, you’re banished.” -

Entrant: feakk

MonkeyCow 3000

MonkeyCow 3000
"We let pygons be pygons."
  • Aaron
  • Brian
  • Glen
  • Jerry
  • Mike
  • Wes

Team: sixohsix, Windex, Jerry, bobm, wdevauld, aeddy

The network plumber

A twisted rendition of that old game... You play a gamer desperate to connect to a MMO... Can you make it? Will the data be lost in the endless "internets"?

Entrant: Mikle

King Tree

A tale of war between two thrones. Which kingdom will win?

Entrant: Tee

Rochester Vikings

We're from the North Country, the wilds of Minnesota. We're all brutal hockey players and have timber wolves for house pets.

Entrant: paulreiners


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Team: jjinux, cfadam

Batwima Islands

Far away behind the horizon lies the archipelago of batwima. A collection of small beautiful islands floating around some twisting maelstrom(s). But not long ago an earthquake disturbed the eternal balance and now the islands are in danger to get sucked deep down beneath the water surface. Help the peaceful islanders to safe their homes and restore the balance of batwima.

Your islanders are scattered on several islands and your goal is to regather them. You can do this by spending some people to anchor an floating island, pull islands with ropes together and also release them. At last you can let your people wander from one island to another connected one.

Your only resource are your limited number of islanders, but beware of the scary tiger on flotsams ;)

Entrant: Trobadour

Return of PrintStar

Everyone's favorite week of ignoring the outside world for the sake of programming. Wait, how's that different from other weeks? Hmm...

Entrant: PrintStar

Angels Fall First

we plan to make a 3d space shooter like xwing or wing commander.

Our team:
Treeform(team leader)
strangelet(art director)
Hex Decimal(python)

Team: Cevius, Daemoria, Dreamwalker, Evillejedi, faxmaster, Hex Decimal, ikarus, KrisWood, LegionDD, Oblivion, Phifty, Sargoth, strangelet, TenjouUtena, TopDoozer, Treeform, xybre


Pynxilla is one of the teams that came out from pycor former team, our name comes from the movemet sacuyismo and it came to us in a revelation product of too much cofee, apart from that we are only a bunch of crazy people

Team: perrito666, akira44, StyXman

Army of Aerojockey IV

Missed the start. Have a good, if not original, idea. 3D.

Entrant: aerojockey

Team Chuck Norris Is God

  • — Final submission, didnt get to all the things I wanted. I'll continue working on those and see if I can make another submission before the end.
Well, I'm all alone planning to make something that runs... If it's fun that's just a bonus

Entrant: Papper

Wound Up!

Wound Up!: Elves! Elves and clocks! With gumball machines! And Giant Springs, Giant Springs powered by elves! And no buckets! No bucket disco, no, no! Featuring the adventures of Amos Elfson and "Questionable" Bartholomew "The Elfmeister" von MacFeatheringwright-MacFeatheringwright Esq.

Team: Chard, Martin, adam, Carrie

Aurora Fighter

Fly the twisted tunnels of different planets as the royal courier! Avoid hitting civilians while blasting hostile ships to bits! Be the best pilot of the Aurora Fighter in the galaxy!

You can see some Release notes for our game describing installation and some known issues.

Aurora screenshot

Have fun!

Team: pdallago, dmoisset, ra, elachuni

The game of Allefant

Allefant 5

Entrant: allefant

7 Zombies

Video: Have you tried it? No yet? You can see a video of the game.
News: There is also a Windows package (do not need to isntall python or pygame).
Media: All music and graphics in Twisted Zombie were originally created for this challenge.
From: Santa Fe, Argentina.

Team: chinomng, humitos, ceportela, Seboo, diegote, dacap, JuanjoConti


Team: Srekel, viblo


This is my first time on PyWeek. This is a solo entry. The name for my project will be: "Twist'em All". It's going to be a platform-shooter. Its main character is T-Man, a super hero with twisted powers!

Entrant: ceronman

Hectic Game Development 2

Game: Tubasc Robast (if this name means anything to you, send me a message so I can change it)

Team: Hectigo aka. Olli Etuaho. Doing everything by myself again.

Before the competition I wasn't sure if I would be able to participate this time, but here we are, and I have plenty of time and a pretty good idea what I'll be working on. So let's see if I can scrape something together!

Entrant: Hectigo

Detective Creation Kit

I want to participate in this contest just to see if I'm able to do it.. I have not yet any idea what I'm going to do and it will stay that way until the theme is chosen.

Entrant: Obtarius

Monkey Typer

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type or create a particular chosen text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. Given one monkey, and a typewriter, I bring you:

Twisted Twister:

You are Sammy the Spotter, out to test your latest invention: the Tornado Obliterator and Eradicator 3000 (TOE 3000). Using your spotter experience, you drive out, keeping tuned to the Baker Weather Service (the best weather service on the planet). Suddenly, you hear over the radio: "Tornadoes approaching!" Perfect! This is the chance to see if the TOE 3000 will really work! You rush on out, careful to stay in your car. This is it! Oh NO! There are houses here. Maybe you can help them! Can you eradicate the tornadoes, save the houses, and keep away from the lightning storm?

Entrant: craigm

Dreaming MIrror Games

Take a little from old good games mix it with the new and innovative game play serve with good graphics and sound. will try to use OpenGL. but we will see. never finished a game in one week though.

Entrant: Neppord

Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus"

This time, Grossini will take a rest.
He was very busy recently in Europython
Members: andrea, bob, facundobatista, javierb, javimarquevichi, Karucha, laura_glow, leito, lucio, marcos, matias, nrm, nubis, oxi, pabloz, riq, shanpuu, tenuki and alecu

Team: lucio, pabloz, alecu, tenuki, leito, riq, facundobatista, nubis, bob, Karucha, oxi, laura_glow

Lazy Susan

An original board game for two players, or a human and a computer.

Entrant: alex


Snake/Nibbles with a Twist!

Entrant: stycchio


Makin' a game called "gloopy" about some kinda blob that attaches to things.

Team: paroneayea, codexile, thegabe, gregoire

Mushroom Gravy

"...because we had Mashed Potatoes last time..." This is another try at Pyweek. Maybe the third time is the charm,,,

Team: awong, The_Hammer, Skyancez, soul_stealer, HARDCOREpie


A freakin French Canadian

Entrant: salopar

Ball Twister

This is not really a game. Didn't have enough time and/or a good idea. While I was pondering about ideas, I made this neat little thing though. Maybe you'll enjoy it.

Entrant: pekuja

Vortex Racers

Scavengers Team Entry

Race clockwork vehicles around a track, avoiding the dangerous meteorological phenomenon.

Team: scav, Badger


(I never programmed with pygame before, but I would like to give it a try, just for fun.)

An implementation of Calvinball from Calvin & Hobbes -- make up the rules as you play, literally!

Entrant: roberto

sleepless and confused

a brave team of viennese hackers code for great justice and massive lulz.

greetings form the hackerspace metalab!

Team: oneup, meta, lfittl, chrysn, greenfield, hyacint

Gold To Lead

Trigonometry bugs prevented me from doing a complete game. What I've got is basically a "toy", but I still think it's pretty fun to play around with.

Entrant: sjbrown

Mindless Game Analytics Studio

Out of the darkness
fingers typing in the night
we return again
we are the shining star.

First place of the top-list
for us is surely won
given the condition
that ORDER BY score ASC is on!

Team: Ron, kukkerman, Syl, goss, sanka


This time, I made an unconventional game - from the development side. I wanted to have an RTS in the browser no matter what - it sort of worked.

Entrant: simono

Disk Field

Navigate the disk to the end point.

Entrant: Tigga


Three Web developers join forces to create an entertainment application.

The result is UFO Attack! A game with a lot of planning under the hood, but very few of our intentions realized.

NOTE: There's a bug! Debugging needs to be turned on for the full effect. Just change line 5 of lib/ to:

debugFlag = True

Team: asciimo, dmagoo, rabbitt


Explosive team entry, acually called Pythomic Bomb, but I (THijs) messed up the registration process (I think..). The team consists of Jeroen Vloothuis en THijs Jonkman.

Team: jvloothuis, jjmurre, THijs

B.L.O.C.K: Look Out; Can't Kick

Game 3 in the epic awesome block game saga.

Entrant: eugman

Hole in the Head Studios - We might have lost our minds...

  • — Scions of Darkness - final (we think)

    The team from
    This is our 3rd go-around, under different team names.

    Team consists of:

      RB[0] - project leader/programmer/misc
      X.Plosion/Dagonet - project designer
      Narianim - 3d artist
      john - pixel artist
      orenmyst - pixel artist
      fydo - 3d/other artist
      eugman - programmer
      Bjørn - programmer/game designer
      nihilocrat - musician

    We now have a complete team, on with Pyweek!!!!!

Team: RB[0], orenmyst, Narianim, X.plosion, john, fydo, eugman, bjorn, nihilocrat


Neko-Chan is bored. Nothing exciting is going on and it seems this won't change for the rest of the day. But luckily, OneNeko-Chan has this imported sliding puzzle in her magical box of occupation!

Help Neko-Chan and Oneneko-chan to master this colour-twisting board of time-consumption.

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses


Our game is a two-versus-two game, each player commanding his ship in an subspace (or asteroids) style, in a 2d-topdown infinite (or limited) space.
Every pair of players will be connected to each other with a twisted pair of electro-wires. Anyone fool enough to get there will die and instant gruesome death of doom.

Who will be the master of frags? Use cunning tactics and teamwork to show the opposite players the bright electric lighting-sparks!

Is nice.

Release Notes:
  • For REALLY old graphic cards (no offence..) - the graphics may respond very slow (due to non-clipped rendering). This can be noticed simply on a server game without client (do not mix up with the network lag). In this case, it may be helpful to disable the background drawing - comment out line 126 in
  • To disable the music, comment out line 34 in, and line 17 in Though you wouldn't want do waste all the precious time we searched for great midis to put in..
  • Do play this game on your fast LAN. Dont really attempt to play it over lagged internet.
Have Fun!

Team: eltriuqS, nuker18