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JuanjoConti's entries

8 dont know aiamsori 3.11
7 _Cecilia Music Game_ 2.78
6 10 Roboticists from Santa Fe 10 Roboticists from Santa Fe 3.33
5 7 Zombies 7 Zombies 3.50

JuanjoConti's awards

Froze my computer Presented by shundread for aiamsori

Awesome game intro from the past Presented by Woodwolf for aiamsori

Press the left mouse button to fire the ducks! Presented by cyhawk for aiamsori

Can hear the lambdas talking Presented by T-002 for aiamsori

Best Independant Film Style Menu Design Presented by saluk for _SeaBoy

Resourceful lazy artist Presented by Woodwolf for _SeaBoy

Burning Guitar Presented by alecu for _SeaBoy