Pedro working...

10 Roboticists from Santa Fe

People from Santa Fe Argentina, the zombie authors.


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.0
Production: 4.0
Innovation: 3.0

Respondents: 48


File Uploader Date
Final version Pedro's Robot Factory
JuanjoConti 2008/04/05 21:14
Pedro working...
humitos 2008/04/05 06:43
humitos 2008/04/03 02:49
Our robot
JuanjoConti 2008/03/31 20:06

Diary Entries

The day of the robot

Hi ppl, this was our first day of codig and drawing. We spend 8 hours and was preatty good. We are using svn, mailing list and chat to organice the development. Greets!

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Introducing our robot!

Hi ppl, this is our robot. It was drawed by Cesar and we have no name for it yet. Any idea?


Greets from Argentina!


Robot's Dance

Hehehe... This is our robot's dance...


Pedro's Robot Factory

Our game is almost ready. You'll have to help Pedro to built robots! Here is Pedro designing his first robot:



Finish Game!

We finished our game. You can play it now! Pedro need you...
Download from here



Spanish report

About Pedro's Robot Factory, the game and the team: Here.

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Problems with Robot Toast

This report is about Robot Toast.

When select the 'play' option I get this error message:

juanjo@albus:~/Desktop/Pyweek6-juegos/robot_toast$ python 62 FPS Loading level Error occurred loading Wilhelm.ogg from data/sounds/Wilhelm.ogg

It seems that the original filename is called wilhelm.ogg (no caps). May be it was developed under Windows? I am running Ubuntu.

Solved with:

juanjo@albus:~/Desktop/Pyweek6-juegos/robot_toast$ mv data/sounds/wilhelm.ogg data/sounds/Wilhelm.ogg


Torrent with all games

I created a torrent with all the games of pyweek 6. It can be downloaded from:
I don't know where this entry goes...


Pedro's Robot Factory Windows

There is avaliable a Pedro's Robot Factory Windows package, self-contaned. Do not need Python nor PyGame. Just unzip and run robotfactory.exe.



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Pedro's Robot Factory video

I have just recibed this link to a youtube video of our game.

Don't you play it yet? What are you watting? Pedro needs you!

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Hard to play?

Do you think Pedro's Robot Factory is hard to play? We'd like to know.

Playing with a touchpad is really hard, but with a regular mouse could be very fun. Give it a try, probably the first times you'll not complete the first level.

Some hints below:

How to Play

Help Pedro to manufacture his robots!

1. Left click to pick up/drop pieces.
2. Scrol Up/Scroll Down or A/D key to rotate the picked piece.
3. P key for pause.
4. F key for fullscreen.
5. Special pieces gives you bonus points!


1. You can also use A adn Z key to rotate the picked piece, or just the space bar.
2. There is an easter egg in level 2.
3. If you finish the three levels you'll be allowed to see the Happy Dance :)


Pedro's Robot Factory for OLPC

Dowload Here.

Thanks Humitos.

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Hack on Pedro's Robot Factory to see The Happy Dance

Some guys in the rating comments said the couldn't complete the 3 leves and becouse of this they could't see the happy dance. A little hack:

In the game root directory:

touch .youwon

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Game to OLPC

I ported our game to OLPC[1], it can be download from

Instalation: unzip this file into ~/Activities directory


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