A typical game....

The network plumber

A twisted rendition of that old game... You play a gamer desperate to connect to a MMO... Can you make it? Will the data be lost in the endless "internets"?


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 2.1

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
3% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 26


File Uploader Date
Pypes 1.0.zipfinal
FInal, I hope
Mikle 2007/09/08 22:02
Pypes 0.5 - Playable.zip
A zip for you linux guys...
Mikle 2007/09/08 00:10
A typical game....
Mikle 2007/09/08 00:04
Pypes 0.5 - Playable.rar
It's playable...Read the README for more...
Mikle 2007/09/08 00:01
A picture of the start of the game...
Mikle 2007/09/07 18:07
Pypes 0.2 - Generating.rar
Everything accept the fun is here...And no menus too :)
Mikle 2007/09/07 17:26
While testing my grid, I just filled the rects with random colors....
Mikle 2007/09/07 10:14

Diary Entries


"batteries included" isn't good enough...I want a battery fueled time machine... I spent all the workdays in work, so all I have to show when there is only 1 day and some change left is a grid test.... Dammit, next pyweek I'm taking a vacation :)



Well I have something playable... Time to add all the stuff around it.
I need to add interesting themes, pipes and generally pretty it up. Also would be nice to add a menu and some other NICE-TO-HAVES like saves.
So I have 24 more hours...Sleep is for the weak...

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