Twist'em All! third screenshot


This is my first time on PyWeek. This is a solo entry. The name for my project will be: "Twist'em All". It's going to be a platform-shooter. Its main character is T-Man, a super hero with twisted powers!


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Overall: 3.0
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.6

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 39


File Uploader Date
ceronman final
ceronman 2007/09/09 17:01
Twist'em All! third screenshot
ceronman 2007/09/08 06:30
Twist'em All! second screenshot
ceronman 2007/09/07 07:32
Twist'em All! first screenshot
ceronman 2007/09/04 05:14
Twist'em All ! Blueprints
ceronman 2007/09/04 05:13

Diary Entries

Got a name: "Twist'em All!"

I have expended most of the time of these two first days planning my game design. The name for my game will be "Twist'em All!". It's going to be a platformer-shooter. This afternoon I started with the code. I've already made most of the main character behavior. I'm using temporary artwork, eventually, I'm going to change it. If I have time I'm going to make my own artwork, if not, I will borrow some creative commons stuff. Time is running!!

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New Screenshot

Forty hours until death line. My game is still missing tons of features. I hope I can finish everything.

Done and Undone:
MainCharacter artwork: done
MainCharacter movement and jumps: done
MainCharacter shooting: done
TileMap Engine & ScrollSystem: done
Enemy1 Behavior: done
Enemy2 Behavior: done
Enemy3 Behavior: done
Enemy killing: done
Maincharacter death: done
Sounds: undone
Music: undone
MiniMap: undone
Worlds, worlds and more worlds: undone
MapEditor: undone (probably won't be ther for deathline)
key system and map flow: undone
portability testing: undone
presentation and help screen: undone

Most of the missing parts are simple but the time is too short. Tomorrow I am going to work full time on this. If I can complete all the missing parts in time, and if I have some luck, I am going to implement a two players mode. I already have it in my mind, it would be really cool.

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Programing: over, next: playing

PyWeek is over. It was absolutely fun!. My final entry is not what I would call a finished product, but it's not bad.

I have a video of my game

I would like to have some features in my final entry but I couldn't make it:

  • Sound Effects and Music, this is what gives life to a game, too bad that is not there.
  • Map Editor, It's necesary for easily create new worlds
  • More Worlds, There are only four of them.
  • Two Player Mode: The engine was thinked for this. It's a shame not to have it
  • MiniMap.

My final code is kind of ugly. Actually it has some nice parts, but at the end of the challenge I was trying to add new functionality as fast as I can and the result was some ugly code here and there. Nothing that can't be easily refactored.

At the end I didn't use Blender for the graphics, I made some pixel art with The Gimp. Now I'm less afraid of pixel art than before, but I must admit that I still suck as a graphic artist.

Some thing I've learn for my next PyWeek:

  • Learn the API that you're going to use before the challenge. I was reading PyGame documentation at the begining of the competition and that made me lose time.
  • Leave more time for desing improvement. I was fighting with technical problems until the end of the challenge and I didn't have enought time for tunning the fun factor.
  • Don't try new crazy technical ideas. I was trying to implement a weird scroll system, at the end I decided to change it for a traditional tile approach. That made me lose time.

The fun isn't over. No we have to play all the games we've made. Have fun! and be nice judging my game ;)