New Screenshot

Forty hours until death line. My game is still missing tons of features. I hope I can finish everything.

Done and Undone:
MainCharacter artwork: done
MainCharacter movement and jumps: done
MainCharacter shooting: done
TileMap Engine & ScrollSystem: done
Enemy1 Behavior: done
Enemy2 Behavior: done
Enemy3 Behavior: done
Enemy killing: done
Maincharacter death: done
Sounds: undone
Music: undone
MiniMap: undone
Worlds, worlds and more worlds: undone
MapEditor: undone (probably won't be ther for deathline)
key system and map flow: undone
portability testing: undone
presentation and help screen: undone

Most of the missing parts are simple but the time is too short. Tomorrow I am going to work full time on this. If I can complete all the missing parts in time, and if I have some luck, I am going to implement a two players mode. I already have it in my mind, it would be really cool.