Programing: over, next: playing

PyWeek is over. It was absolutely fun!. My final entry is not what I would call a finished product, but it's not bad.

I have a video of my game

I would like to have some features in my final entry but I couldn't make it:

My final code is kind of ugly. Actually it has some nice parts, but at the end of the challenge I was trying to add new functionality as fast as I can and the result was some ugly code here and there. Nothing that can't be easily refactored.

At the end I didn't use Blender for the graphics, I made some pixel art with The Gimp. Now I'm less afraid of pixel art than before, but I must admit that I still suck as a graphic artist.

Some thing I've learn for my next PyWeek:

The fun isn't over. No we have to play all the games we've made. Have fun! and be nice judging my game ;)

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Does the help option from the menu did not work?
No, it doesn't. Sorry for that. I was trying to add it in the last minute but I couldn't.
why leave crazy ideas out? its part of the fun! can you make a crazy idea work? not all the fun, but for me it sure is a driver.
That's Lucio "classes without the class keyword". Yep.