I'm a 29 years old male developer from germany who puts some free time into several amateur games. My biggest success was imho my last entry at the September 2007 Pyweek 5(so you see, that i'm not that successful in completing games). ;)

Today i have many ideas in mind, which i'm putting into design documents to organize myself and maybe this helps me to complete a game...

So my main goal is to have fun with designing games and the pyweek is the perfect opportunity for this.

I wish you all good luck and have as much fun as myself!

Trobadour's entries

12 PyWeekMan vs. Dr. PyEvil 2.05
11 Lantern Defender 2.71
10 Terraformancer 2.90
8 Benjamin Butterbloom and the evil supergardeners 2.59
7 Aleutha and the strings of life 1.77
6 CQ Robot 2.46
5 Batwima Islands 2.74

Trobadour's awards

"But where are the ducks?" Award Presented by gcewing for The Trobadour Incident

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for Trobadours

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away" award Presented by saluk for 3rd Project by Me

Top Notch Production Award Presented by claxo for 3rd Project by Me