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Benjamin Butterbloom and the evil supergardeners

Hurray it's pyweek again. This is my fourth pyweek and like all other pyweeks before i'm sure, that it's going to be a lot of fun. The last pyweek my motivation lacked a little bit because, the content creation was far to ambitious for a solo entry, so this time i concentrate on the game mechanics and not so much on gfx and sfx. To all of you: Have a nice pyweek!


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.2
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 21


File Uploader Date
Main Menu
Trobadour 2009/05/03 00:03
The Adventures of Benjamin Butterbloom
Trobadour 2009/05/03 00:02
First sketch of level 01
Trobadour 2009/04/27 20:51
The main menu
Trobadour 2009/04/27 18:49

Diary Entries

First screenshot online

Hello there,

here is a first impression of the main menu. As you may allready noticed, "Get of my lawn" is just a working title and will be replaced when something better comes into my mind. Maybe "Schrebergarten Wars", but who knows :)

You play a gardener who has to grab items (flowers,dwarf,...) from neighbour gardens and has to defend his own garden against the rival gardeners...

Not really innovative but fun to play!

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My concept for this pyweek

The main idea behind my game is that there is a garden contest, where each gardener wants to win the first price for the nicest garden. So everybody tries to have the nicest flowers and decorations. And like always, the best things are in the neighbours garden.

So every gardener tries to steal stuff from the others until the time is over and the jury arrives and officialy declares the winner garden with the nicest stuff. Try to steal as much from the others as you can but beware: The do the same with your stuff :)

The player controlls one gardener and the others will be controlled by the ki.

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Thoughts after day 2

Day 2 is over and the game begins to take shape.

In my last submitted screenshot you can see 4 little gardens. For each garden there will be one gardender that sneaks into other gardens to steal stuff for his own garden. Only one gardener is played by you, the other gardeners will be controlled by the KI

Until now the menu structure ( which is the most important part of any game;) ) is working and a sample level is loaded. Neither are there rival gardeners nor any objects you can take to your garden. Only one gardener which can move around. By the way he has super powers, he can move through walls and walk over water :)

Take the super powers from him will be my task for tomorrow. Then i will implement collision detection and on day 4 i plan to implement the AI. For the collision detection i'm going to use a mask file for every level that marks the the pixels that are passable and those that aren't. With the same file i plan to generate a datastructure with linked passable areas to be used by the AI for path planning.

So there's much to do but i'm optimistic to submit a playable game this time.

sleep well, i will :)


That's it, i'm done

Despite the fact, that my submit isn't finished as i hoped, i'm surely am :)

I'm to exhausted to write a longer diary entry so this has to wait for tomorrow.

Good night!

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