PyWeek - Trobadours - feedback

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2 3 3

hmm, not clear what the goal is; why is the neighbor faster and more powerful than me?

3 3 2

there didn't seem to be a win condition. i liked the sound. good effort for a solo entry

4 3 3

Scaling the graphics made them look a bit messed up in-game. Also, they have an ugly white border caused by exporting it with antialias and white transparency: you should either use png's own transparency or disable antialias. I have a problem that I can't win, even after I put everything in place. Ok, now that I'm done with the problems, this game is quite fun! I enjoyed stealing garden gnomes and flowers and I like the idea. :) Good job.

3 3 4

feels unbalanced. The neightboor moving too fast ?

1 3 2

Didn't really find it to be any fun - pressing a button to make the enemy go away is hardly a real challenge!

3 3 4

fun and innovating

1 2 3

It could have used a deeper gameplay. Dragging objects from point A to point B endlessly is no fun.

1 2 2

Didn't enjoy this game. No sound and very quirky graphics. Gameplay was hard to find.

1 2 3

It was weird! :D Did not know exactly what to do!

3 3 3

not much to say, really didn't keep me interested

3 2 4

Original idea, game needs balancing. The graphics are.. well.. I guess you're not really a graphic artist. ;)

1 2 3

3 2 5

I like what you did with the theme. It actually works without seeming too silly. I'm not sure how it's possible to win since the others move just as fast and they can go through walls!

2 2 3

Hmm the cpu players can move through walls that I cannot. :(

2 2 4

Take/drop and shout should use different keys. It's frustrating not being able to shout when you're carrying something.

2 2 3

That's an interesting and funny gameplay mechanic that fits the theme very well!

2 2 5

2 2 2


2 2 3

Nice idea, but not well executed. (No Win conditions?) Fun is also rather lacking and the game gets quite tedious over time..

3 2 4


2 1 4

It was a nice idea, but it just didn't seem to work out. Sorry.