Shows first level completed :)

Team Chuck Norris Is God

Well, I'm all alone planning to make something that runs... If it's fun that's just a bonus


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 3.3

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 28


File Uploader Date
Final submission, didnt get to all the things I wanted. I'll continue working on those and see if I can make another submission before the end.
Papper 2007/09/08 11:07
New version, much quicker thanks to display lists
Papper 2007/09/07 23:42
Test version 3, 3 maps included. NOT hard coded anymore \o/
Papper 2007/09/07 20:45
Shows first level completed :)
Papper 2007/09/07 20:44
Test version 2
Papper 2007/09/07 15:49
Screenshot from the current version :)
Papper 2007/09/07 08:55
Screenshot-pygame window.png
First screenie from the game
Papper 2007/09/05 23:03

Diary Entries

So it begins....

I made my team, voted for themes... Just have to wait a bit and then I can start. Hopefully I'll have time to finish!

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Twisted it is.. I already have an idea for a game, and I've started writing down some more specific ideas for the gameplay and maps, etc.
Wont start figuring out the code and general structure of the program until that's done.

If the code ends up to complex for my skill level and time frame, I might have to change some of my ideas. But I should be able to keep it fairly simple..

I guess I'll have to do some artwork too, but I have my trusty gimp to help me :)

One thing that I'm worried about though is sound. But I'm told there should be some resource links on pygame website, I'll have to check that out later on. I just really hope who ever plays the final game (if it gets done ;) doesn't have to listen to me go "whoooop" in my 10 year old mic :D

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Are we there yet?

Nope, not even close. After dumping my old idea and not feeling like coming up with something new... I did get an idea. Maybe not the best game but itll be fun to write I think.

Been wrestling with some trig today, you forget math so fast its crazy, or at least I do :)

Anyway, this game is going to be based around segmented objects. You are going to have to twist and turn to match different patterns. Maybe there will be a timer or something too, I dont know yet. Or maybe something else to make it remotely challenging :)

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First test version

Uploaded a test version of my game, it's not even close to done. Just wanted to let people check it out to see if anything is horribly broken on other systems than mine.

It doesn't use any super fancy opengl features as far as I know, but you never know what might show up.

At the time there's only one level and it's hard coded into the game, just for testing purposes. I will be adding some sort of loader for levels, I think having them hard coded like this is gross and horrible but well, I just haven't gotten that far yet :)

Over all the code is very very "just get it done" and needs major clean up and restructuring, which should be easy considering the small size. But for now it works which makes me happy.

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Final submission made

Well, I think I'll have to consider myself done. I don't know if I'll have time to add some features that I would really like, we'll see if I can get it done before the end.

Also, I just noticed I misspelled my short name. Chuck would not approve :(

The game only has three levels at the moment so it's a bit short :)