background, user feedback.. The cool gameplay is not fully shown.


Our game is a two-versus-two game, each player commanding his ship in an subspace (or asteroids) style, in a 2d-topdown infinite (or limited) space.
Every pair of players will be connected to each other with a twisted pair of electro-wires. Anyone fool enough to get there will die and instant gruesome death of doom.

Who will be the master of frags? Use cunning tactics and teamwork to show the opposite players the bright electric lighting-sparks!

Is nice.

Release Notes:
  • For REALLY old graphic cards (no offence..) - the graphics may respond very slow (due to non-clipped rendering). This can be noticed simply on a server game without client (do not mix up with the network lag). In this case, it may be helpful to disable the background drawing - comment out line 126 in
  • To disable the music, comment out line 34 in, and line 17 in Though you wouldn't want do waste all the precious time we searched for great midis to put in..
  • Do play this game on your fast LAN. Dont really attempt to play it over lagged internet.
Have Fun!


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3.1
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 3.8

35% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


File Uploader Date
Twisted Link 1.0.zipfinal
Twisted Link final
eltriuqS 2007/09/10 19:55
background, user feedback.. The cool gameplay is not fully shown.
eltriuqS 2007/09/08 20:59
Twisted Link 0.5.zipfinal
full playable now
eltriuqS 2007/09/08 20:56
screenshot of the 0.4 release
eltriuqS 2007/09/08 16:13
Twisted Link
kinda still need to decide by yourself who won..
eltriuqS 2007/09/08 16:13
Twisted Link
now with menus. todo: polishing, adding more ships, on-screen information, winning and losing, explosions, ..
eltriuqS 2007/09/08 01:12
now with client-server code added. hardcoded stuff, but its on the high way. also: some kinda collision detection, added by vladi
eltriuqS 2007/09/07 16:54
Very crude, but it's working and shows the subspace ship implementation. up next: network code
eltriuqS 2007/09/06 21:52