twisted spring factory screenshot


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Overall: 1.7
Fun: 1.2
Production: 1.8
Innovation: 2

24% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 19


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twisted spring factory screenshot
salopar 2007/09/08 19:49
the twisted spring factory
salopar 2007/09/08 19:44

Diary Entries

none yet

after drawn many random sprite i hope ill be able to put them together in a thing to spring recycling plant

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its start looking alike a demo

after 6 day maybe if i could spend more than 3 jour per day anyway now i got something moving with the mouse on screen

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you have scrap comming from a conveyor; you have a robo riding a twister that take the scrap using mouse then move it to the springminator; the springminator have the ability to turn everything into spring; after you put color on spring and put the spring in a box; finaly you take the box to the other coveyor , and repeat all step until you get bored

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finaly got something that work

just take good then convert it into spring then tell yourself that twisted game have no goal. is that twisted enough ?

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Im back

of course , i lacked time to do it , i was supposed to make a goal of colour sequence within a given time , and a robot was supposed to take the object that why only one thing can be taken , sorry for windows user , i dont know why it dont work for you. i really like all ure ideas and i will work on it , next rellease should appear on

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