some bloom added will have to refine it

Angels Fall First

we plan to make a 3d space shooter like xwing or wing commander.

Our team:
Treeform(team leader)
strangelet(art director)
Hex Decimal(python)


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 2.2
Production: 4.6
Innovation: 2.5

29% respondents marked the game as not working.
2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
Treeform 2007/09/09 15:30
this is a alpha of our game doing quite good i think
Treeform 2007/09/05 05:05
some hdro ?.png
some bloom added will have to refine it
Treeform 2007/09/04 14:07
screen shot.png
this is a bit twisted too bad the ground collision code is killing us
Treeform 2007/09/03 04:22
foyeri - consept for one of our ships
Treeform 2007/09/02 03:14

Diary Entries

1st day work...

Writing the first Version of the ship loading class...

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Pyweek Start Off

Angels Fall First





The IST is a bi-annual event held in Polaris space bordering the Delphinus nebula. Initially founded by a conglomeration of astro-engineering corporations, the tournament quickly picked up interest from the military factions of various nations, who see the IST as an excellent test bed for new technology and tactical expertise in the area of fighter class vessel design.

The competition is a simple affair - pilots engage each other in a series of solo and team duels confined to various hazard-filled areas of space set up by the IAO, the event's organizing body. These engagements are set up in a pyramid style tournament structure with competitors drawing lots for initial engagements.

The tournament is open to all, although the huge expense of outfitting and maintaining a team is only affordable to the military, the corporations and a select few mega-rich individuals. The corporations attempt to balance this tendency towards the elite with sponsorship programs. national and systemwide competitions are held throughout the galaxy by various companies, with the talent being creamed off for the big league.

The fighters themselves are the absolute apex of modern technology with the most advanced engines, avionics, weapons and defense systems that the teams can muster. many of them are prototypes or modifications of existing craft, particularly those of the military teams, but they bear little resemblance to their production-line counterparts.

Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the sport, the fighters sport miniaturized grav shields, ceramic fiber auto-ejecting cockpit shells, self sealing hulls and a host of other safety features only available to those with almost limitless bank accounts. Fatalities are rare but injuries are ubiquitous.

The Taurean Confederacy

Team Taurus sport a native hull, one familliar to pilots all over the League. The venerable Sword Multi-Role Starfighter has undergone some serious reworking at the Draymark labs, producing a cost-no-object tournament model, the Sword-T

Arianne Invigsil , Captain in the Taurean Fleet Vigilant , aged 27, aggressive pilot, sometimes incautious but more often than not lands on her feet through a combination of her vast combat experience and the ultra-reliable Draymark craft she pilots.


Leopold Vert , Aged 31. Former Guard Sergeant of house Haitius of Ixion, the Iceman of the competition - no errors, no surprises. accused by some factions of making the competition too boring. a long string of wins.

Star Kingdom of Mournecreek
Raulien Desarc . Aged 25. Heir to several worlds of the Mournecreek nobility. Notorious for his playboy lifestyle, Desarc is the nearly-man of the IST. several times he has seen the trophy within his grasp only to succumb to his craft's intermittent reliability issues.
Foyeri Union

Alfieri Cirroco , son of shipping magnate Jihradaro Cirocco . One of the more talented of the pay-to-fight pilots, a class of reckless spoiled youth often found wanting in the IST. Cirocco suffers no such affliction, fighting as hard as any of the sponsorship pilots in the competition.

Polaris Concordat

Selene Tala Ex- Bureau security pilot. Extremely precise combat techniques and exquisite grace mark Tala's fighting style when she's on somebody's six. A tendency to fluster under fire and a slight lack of adaptability have so far kept her from achieving a podium place, but she continues to impress and is a formidable opponent.

Our list of concepts: Angels Fall First Forum Concept Post




done basic collisions, map loading, ship loading, hud...

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my stuff and a couple of screen shots


Second day

Angels Fall First

-We've had problems with collisions.

-Concepts are getting modeled.

-Twisted AI “killers” - Will kill under 3 sec!

- Level concepts.

Level design WIP
Dominion Design
Dominion 3D WIP


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pre-alpha tech demo

here's a youtube link. I made a video from our game so far, enjoy... LINK

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another engine Video

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That's all for today. Cheers people


New Intro:


The Iron Angels Starfighter Tournament is a bi-annual event held in Polaris space, bordering the Delphinus Nebula. The first tournament was founded by a conglomeration of astro-engineering corporations in order to showcase their produce. However, the tournament quickly picked up interests from the military factions of the nearby star nations, who see the IST as an excellent test bed for new technology. Military commanders also see it as an opportunity to prove their tactical expertise in the area of fighter-class vessel design.

The competition is a simple affair: pilots engage each other in both solo and team matches in a confined area directly adjacent to the Delphinus Nebula, which provides numerous hazard-filled areas of space which are used to a dramatic effect by Iron Angels Omnicorp, the event's organizer. Notable past matches included: asteroids thrust into the midst of the field; surprise comet flights; fields dominated by caustic clouds, and even, in one well-known match, recreations of ancient Republic of Glyfhaven pirate ships spreading chaos by jumping into the midst of the battle and opening fire on both sides.

The engagements are set up in a pyramid-style tournament structure. Competitors draw lots for initial engagements and work their way up the ladder. The pyramidal structure also provides for minor matches, with surviving losers given the opportunity to step back up the ladder in, what are known as, "Twisted Engagements." Long-time fans of the IST are the most rabid about these matches: more often then not, the pilots have nothing to loose and everything to win, making their performances haphazard and chaotic, and the matches unbeatable for excitement.

The tournament is open to all, although the huge expense of outfitting and maintaining a team is only affordable to the military, the corporations, and a select few mega-rich individuals. The corporations attempt to balance this tendency towards the elite with sponsorship programs. National and system-wide competitions are held throughout the galaxy by various companies, with the best talent skimmed off for the big leagues.

The fighters themselves are the absolute apex of modern technology, with the most advanced engines, avionics, weapons, and defense systems that each team can muster. Many of the systems and craft designs are advanced prototypes or clever modifications of existing craft. The military teams in particular are famous for pulling out the stops to show what a modified version of one of their ships can do. Many a military fighter has earned a fearsome reputation due to its performance in the IST, while corporations see a fighter's performance in the tournament as the key to a new model's sales. However, the models displayed during the IST bear little resemblance to their production-line counterparts.

Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the sport, the fighters are equipped with miniaturized grav-shields, ceramic-fiber-auto-ejecting cockpit shells, self-sealing hulls, and a host of other safety features only available to those with galaxy-sized bank accounts. Fatalities are rare, but injuries are ubiquitous.

>>Time Period
This year's IST is especially significant in that, for the first time in nearly a century, the Antarean powers and the League are once again separate. All the IST participants can feel the oncoming storm and the tensions are reverberating through the tournament. For the first time since the tournament began, fatalities are occurring during the competitions leading up to the tournament. The worries are acting divisively, not only are the military pilots feeling the heat, but the corporations as well, with their sponsors taking sides, the pilots are as well.

The tournament this year is expected to be especially bloody, with the participants taking sides every pilot has to wonder if the next time they face their opponent will be in the midst of a war. Which begs the question, wouldn't it be better to take him down now?


Host Profile

Iron Angels Omnicorp is one of the oldest and best respected corporate conglomerations anywhere. Though the current tensions between the Antareans and League have forced this multirole corporation to move the majority of its operations to the more stable sectors controlled by the Solarian League, the IAO has handled more contracts then any two corporations combined. Well known for its alacrity in accomplishing any task, IAO made its fortune with the development of some of the most venerable super dreadnoughts used in the last colony wars. IAO, a huge entity, was able to handle all aspects of their ships' creation, from design to interior decoration, within the corporation.

Having made a reputation by creating some of the best ships in the galaxy without using contractors, IAO had nowhere to go but up. Each of its divisions produced quality products, with IAO furniture, once designed with a measure of utilitarianism for military ships, ordered by leading lights everywhere from the Solesian Hegemony to the Sidemore Republic. IAO's Creative Arts division is responsible for the city planning of two of the galaxy's top ten most beautiful cities. Their programmers created the networking protocols that were the killer app for the DAIS platform. Their ships are well known, and well feared, by every sensible pilot.

The original Iron Angels Starfighter Tournament was created as less of a tournament and more of a challenge. The IST was essentially a challenge to any and all manufacturer to turn up in a model that could beat the IAO team. As the IST became larger and larger, IAO executives began to value it more as an advertising opportunity then a testing grounds and, must to the regret of their engineers, pulled the IAO team out of the competition. However, IAO can't keep its ships out of the tournament, for many years one competition was a last man standing event, where the last ship to be disabled by a stationary IAO capital ship would be the winner.

The IAO is currently the gray eminence of the galaxy's mega-corporations. These days it churns out more consumer products than military and rides the waves of the market. The organizing and judging of the event is one of the biggest events that IAO holds and, according to many, produces enough of a profit to keep the entire mega-corporation running for a month.

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Team Profile: Team Taurus

Team Taurus is one of the teams that is funded and sponsored by the state, in this case, the Taurian Confederacy.

Team Taurus sports a native hull, one familiar to pilots everywhere. The venerable Sword Multi-Role Starfighter has been completely reworked and redesigned at Draymark Labs. The result is the Sword-T, a fighter for which cost was no object.

The ship is fast and deadly, a large engine mount, some serious firepower and two huge grav fins. The T now can spin and flip so fast that special compensators had to be built into the cockpit to keep the pilot from blacking out every time she makes a sharp turn.

====Arianne Invigsil====
Age: 27
Rank: Captain
Affiliation: Taurian Fleet Vigilant
Piloting Style: Aggressive.

Arianne Invigsil wanted to be a pilot so badly that she lied on her application to the military and signed up at the young age of 16. She worked her way through the ranks of the Taurian military quickly, but with hard work. Aggressive in space and in person, Invigsil has rubbed many an officer the wrong way, which is likely the only reason she has not accomplished a higher rank. Her personality is easily apparent in her flying style. She is sometimes incautious and pigheaded, a quality which makes her difficult to get off your tail, but can also work against her. However, due to a combination of her vast combat experience and the ultra reliable Draymark craft she pilots, she often lands on her feet.

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Team Profile: The TCI Tenfold

The The TCI Tenfold is a team primarily sponsored by TCI systems and has been a consistently strong entry over the last decade. This year the team is in top form, with a significant chunk of its funding provided by the Antarean government. With so much of the funding coming from Antares, many tournament watchers have begun to consider the Tenfold the Antarean team.

====Rottshein FB====
The Antarean team's formidable Rottshein FB is the result of an alliance between TCI Systems and the Covington-Kaller conglomerate. This meeting of the minds had been previously prevented by competition on a number of markets. However, this alliance allows, for the first time, the joining of TCI's advanced hull designs from their military R&D branch and the innovative weapons systems that have made Covington-Kaller's shareholders very rich.

The Rottshein is an experimental fighter/bomber heavily dependent on a gravity manipulation technology that is barely a prototype. The result is a fast ship that can carry a heavy payload and turn on a chit.

====[[Leopold Vert]]====
Age: 31
Rank: Guard Sergeant (Former)
Affiliation: House Haitius of Ixion.
Piloting Style: Emotionless.

Leopold Vert is the iceman of the competition. He makes no errors, but has no surprises either. With a steely determination he has led the Tenfold to victory, match after match. He has been accused by some factions of making the competition too boring, a long string of wins.

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Team Profile: The Ascendant Flight

Believing that overall technological advancement will naturally lead to men meeting gods (or becoming them, depending who you ask), the Ascendancy is one of the most followed religions in the galaxy. Coincidently it is also the richest. As their beliefs dictate, the Ascendancy also runs the number one foundation for funding technological research.

One of their biggest contributors is Raulien Desarc, one of the few Ascendants in The Star Kingdom of Mournecreek, which is mostly composed of monarch worshipers known as Creeists. Desarc has sponsored a team in The Element Ascendancy's name. He hopes to bring more of his countrymen around to the beliefs of Ascendancy.

This year the construction of his craft has been contributed to by fellow believers and it is his hope that this new ship will catapult him into the winner's circle.

====Kestrel V====
The original Kestral was one of the Kingdom of Mournecreek's best models from the Colony Wars. Though the model name has been maintained over the years, the current model retains little resemblance to the original. In fact, the Mark V Kestrel bears little resemblance to the Mark IVs which are currently on the market. The V takes advantage of all the latest technology, using integrated gravimetric systems, with the matrixes built directly into the hull. The result is a superbly agile craft powered by a pair of mighty Soltano R-Series 5-over-5 engines, which combine to give it unparalleled speed at an extremely low rate of fuel combustion.

The ship's split wing ultra-sleek design makes it the most aerodynamic out of any of the competitors, an advantage that may come in handy should the IAO once again hold an intra-atmosphere event.

====Raulien Desarc====
Age: 25
Rank: Duke (86th from the Throne)
Affiliation: Ascendant, Subject of Mournecreek.
Piloting Style: Showboat.

The primary funds for The Ascendant Flight comes from the man who is also its lead pilot, Raulien Desarc. Playboy and Chairman of the Borizzi Industries' board. He also has a hereditary position in the ladder of the Mournecreek monarchy. As a Duke, he holds the owner's share in several planets, based off deeds granted to his family by the monarch of Mournecreek.

Notorious for his playboy lifestyle, it is often that Desarc is seen celebrating, girls draped on either arm, a bottle of his favorite Bitsari Dark in one hand. Desarc is a permanent runner up in the IST. Several times he has seen the trophy within his grasp, only to succumb to his crafts' various intermittent reliability issues. Desarc has his own reliability issues and is famous for showing up to matches drunk, only to win them by significant margins.

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Team Profile: Polaris Twisters

The Polaris Twisters are sponsored jointly by the Polaris Concordat's Altirmis Stellar Transport agency and the Concordat Bureau of Civic Administration. The Polaris Twisters have entered the Tournament year after year and the team has taken home silver or bronze medals in the past, but they are still waiting for their gold. The cooperative effort between the two Polaris Concordat agencies has brought in a great deal of funding from other groups wishing to hang their name on one of the Tournament's top teams. The result is more funding comes from outside of the Concordat then within, which is a good thing for the Concordat's tax-payers.

The team's latest recruitment cycle polled thousands of citizens of the Concordat and, despite the small number of planets under Concordat control, the scholarship competitions for the Concordat team were some of the most fierce technically excellent, drawing the largest number of viewers for any pre-Tournament event.

====Twisted Lightning====
Truly riding the storm, the Polarian Twisted Lightning Interceptor has long been a stable of the Concordat Bureau of Civic Administration's system patrols. The Twisted Lightning has powerful grav systems to increase maneuverability; an innovative Shunt buffer, which trickles power into high-output burst cells, allowing the pilot to overpower thrusters and have a limited period of unheard-of maneuverability when required; and special enhanced sensors.

The Lightning has a special balance, or rather, a lack of balance. An inequality in the structure and engine design makes the Lightning very difficult to fly but highly maneuverable as well. The ship can rotate, twist, and turn with a great deal of accuracy and speed. Encounters with normal models have seen Lightnings flip, maintain their speed while in reverse, and launch a missile salvo at pursuing ships before flipping back again, all in under three minutes. With the extra money that the Concordat has received for this Tournament, it is likely that this ship is anything but the standard model. Opponents should likely prepare for chases to turn to retreats in short order.

====Selene Tala====
Age: 23
Rank: Constable
Affiliation: Polaris Concordat.
Piloting Style: Cautious.

Selene Tala is a favorite of many Tournament fans, though many would say that this is more because the majority of the tournament's viewers are male then because of her season of wins.

Despite her status as the IST's semi-official pretty face, Tala is an excellent pilot. She was selected out of a group of elite pilots, all of whom were competing for the Concordat teams' lead pilot position. Extremely precise combat techniques and exquisite grace mark Tala's fighting style when she's on somebody's six. She has an unfortunate tendency to fluster under fire and her natural caution, while good for running a patrol on the Concordat's borders, works against her in the tournament. Many speculate that it is this lack of adaptability that will prevent her from achieving the gold. Others look at her performance thus far and find themselves impressed. Either way, Tala is a formidable opponent.

Like all citizens of the Concordat, Tala is on a rotating sequence for military service. She has been deferred from her latest service requirement in order to participate in the tournament.

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Iron Angels

Just went through our ratings listing, and saw that a lot of you people had trouble with the game controls, sorry about that.

A few of you hoped that we would continue working on this game: Yeah, we will! It will be a bit different, but the same gameplay.

we're also working on a homeworld 2 TC mod, a Nexus: the Jupiter Incident TC mod and have plans for the upcoming UT3.

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