Team Profile: The TCI Tenfold

The The TCI Tenfold is a team primarily sponsored by TCI systems and has been a consistently strong entry over the last decade. This year the team is in top form, with a significant chunk of its funding provided by the Antarean government. With so much of the funding coming from Antares, many tournament watchers have begun to consider the Tenfold the Antarean team.

====Rottshein FB====
The Antarean team's formidable Rottshein FB is the result of an alliance between TCI Systems and the Covington-Kaller conglomerate. This meeting of the minds had been previously prevented by competition on a number of markets. However, this alliance allows, for the first time, the joining of TCI's advanced hull designs from their military R&D branch and the innovative weapons systems that have made Covington-Kaller's shareholders very rich.

The Rottshein is an experimental fighter/bomber heavily dependent on a gravity manipulation technology that is barely a prototype. The result is a fast ship that can carry a heavy payload and turn on a chit.

====[[Leopold Vert]]====
Age: 31
Rank: Guard Sergeant (Former)
Affiliation: House Haitius of Ixion.
Piloting Style: Emotionless.

Leopold Vert is the iceman of the competition. He makes no errors, but has no surprises either. With a steely determination he has led the Tenfold to victory, match after match. He has been accused by some factions of making the competition too boring, a long string of wins.