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The IST is a bi-annual event held in Polaris space bordering the Delphinus nebula. Initially founded by a conglomeration of astro-engineering corporations, the tournament quickly picked up interest from the military factions of various nations, who see the IST as an excellent test bed for new technology and tactical expertise in the area of fighter class vessel design.

The competition is a simple affair - pilots engage each other in a series of solo and team duels confined to various hazard-filled areas of space set up by the IAO, the event's organizing body. These engagements are set up in a pyramid style tournament structure with competitors drawing lots for initial engagements.

The tournament is open to all, although the huge expense of outfitting and maintaining a team is only affordable to the military, the corporations and a select few mega-rich individuals. The corporations attempt to balance this tendency towards the elite with sponsorship programs. national and systemwide competitions are held throughout the galaxy by various companies, with the talent being creamed off for the big league.

The fighters themselves are the absolute apex of modern technology with the most advanced engines, avionics, weapons and defense systems that the teams can muster. many of them are prototypes or modifications of existing craft, particularly those of the military teams, but they bear little resemblance to their production-line counterparts.

Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the sport, the fighters sport miniaturized grav shields, ceramic fiber auto-ejecting cockpit shells, self sealing hulls and a host of other safety features only available to those with almost limitless bank accounts. Fatalities are rare but injuries are ubiquitous.

The Taurean Confederacy

Team Taurus sport a native hull, one familliar to pilots all over the League. The venerable Sword Multi-Role Starfighter has undergone some serious reworking at the Draymark labs, producing a cost-no-object tournament model, the Sword-T

Arianne Invigsil , Captain in the Taurean Fleet Vigilant , aged 27, aggressive pilot, sometimes incautious but more often than not lands on her feet through a combination of her vast combat experience and the ultra-reliable Draymark craft she pilots.


Leopold Vert , Aged 31. Former Guard Sergeant of house Haitius of Ixion, the Iceman of the competition - no errors, no surprises. accused by some factions of making the competition too boring. a long string of wins.

Star Kingdom of Mournecreek
Raulien Desarc . Aged 25. Heir to several worlds of the Mournecreek nobility. Notorious for his playboy lifestyle, Desarc is the nearly-man of the IST. several times he has seen the trophy within his grasp only to succumb to his craft's intermittent reliability issues.
Foyeri Union

Alfieri Cirroco , son of shipping magnate Jihradaro Cirocco . One of the more talented of the pay-to-fight pilots, a class of reckless spoiled youth often found wanting in the IST. Cirocco suffers no such affliction, fighting as hard as any of the sponsorship pilots in the competition.

Polaris Concordat

Selene Tala Ex- Bureau security pilot. Extremely precise combat techniques and exquisite grace mark Tala's fighting style when she's on somebody's six. A tendency to fluster under fire and a slight lack of adaptability have so far kept her from achieving a podium place, but she continues to impress and is a formidable opponent.

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Er... "twisted"?
I guess the... uh... fighters 'twist' in a dogfight... and... stuff. That's some really slick concept art. I'm envisioning something like "Quake in Space".
the fighters more then just twist in space :) i will bash our artist and writers do "twisted" more.
I really like that concept art too.