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Iron Angels Omnicorp is one of the oldest and best respected corporate conglomerations anywhere. Though the current tensions between the Antareans and League have forced this multirole corporation to move the majority of its operations to the more stable sectors controlled by the Solarian League, the IAO has handled more contracts then any two corporations combined. Well known for its alacrity in accomplishing any task, IAO made its fortune with the development of some of the most venerable super dreadnoughts used in the last colony wars. IAO, a huge entity, was able to handle all aspects of their ships' creation, from design to interior decoration, within the corporation.

Having made a reputation by creating some of the best ships in the galaxy without using contractors, IAO had nowhere to go but up. Each of its divisions produced quality products, with IAO furniture, once designed with a measure of utilitarianism for military ships, ordered by leading lights everywhere from the Solesian Hegemony to the Sidemore Republic. IAO's Creative Arts division is responsible for the city planning of two of the galaxy's top ten most beautiful cities. Their programmers created the networking protocols that were the killer app for the DAIS platform. Their ships are well known, and well feared, by every sensible pilot.

The original Iron Angels Starfighter Tournament was created as less of a tournament and more of a challenge. The IST was essentially a challenge to any and all manufacturer to turn up in a model that could beat the IAO team. As the IST became larger and larger, IAO executives began to value it more as an advertising opportunity then a testing grounds and, must to the regret of their engineers, pulled the IAO team out of the competition. However, IAO can't keep its ships out of the tournament, for many years one competition was a last man standing event, where the last ship to be disabled by a stationary IAO capital ship would be the winner.

The IAO is currently the gray eminence of the galaxy's mega-corporations. These days it churns out more consumer products than military and rides the waves of the market. The organizing and judging of the event is one of the biggest events that IAO holds and, according to many, produces enough of a profit to keep the entire mega-corporation running for a month.

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I'm getting this error in the alpha version:

ImportError: No module named direct.task
Some library you didn't mention in the Readme.txt? Perhaps a file that didn't get included?