Team Profile: Polaris Twisters

The Polaris Twisters are sponsored jointly by the Polaris Concordat's Altirmis Stellar Transport agency and the Concordat Bureau of Civic Administration. The Polaris Twisters have entered the Tournament year after year and the team has taken home silver or bronze medals in the past, but they are still waiting for their gold. The cooperative effort between the two Polaris Concordat agencies has brought in a great deal of funding from other groups wishing to hang their name on one of the Tournament's top teams. The result is more funding comes from outside of the Concordat then within, which is a good thing for the Concordat's tax-payers.

The team's latest recruitment cycle polled thousands of citizens of the Concordat and, despite the small number of planets under Concordat control, the scholarship competitions for the Concordat team were some of the most fierce technically excellent, drawing the largest number of viewers for any pre-Tournament event.

====Twisted Lightning====
Truly riding the storm, the Polarian Twisted Lightning Interceptor has long been a stable of the Concordat Bureau of Civic Administration's system patrols. The Twisted Lightning has powerful grav systems to increase maneuverability; an innovative Shunt buffer, which trickles power into high-output burst cells, allowing the pilot to overpower thrusters and have a limited period of unheard-of maneuverability when required; and special enhanced sensors.

The Lightning has a special balance, or rather, a lack of balance. An inequality in the structure and engine design makes the Lightning very difficult to fly but highly maneuverable as well. The ship can rotate, twist, and turn with a great deal of accuracy and speed. Encounters with normal models have seen Lightnings flip, maintain their speed while in reverse, and launch a missile salvo at pursuing ships before flipping back again, all in under three minutes. With the extra money that the Concordat has received for this Tournament, it is likely that this ship is anything but the standard model. Opponents should likely prepare for chases to turn to retreats in short order.

====Selene Tala====
Age: 23
Rank: Constable
Affiliation: Polaris Concordat.
Piloting Style: Cautious.

Selene Tala is a favorite of many Tournament fans, though many would say that this is more because the majority of the tournament's viewers are male then because of her season of wins.

Despite her status as the IST's semi-official pretty face, Tala is an excellent pilot. She was selected out of a group of elite pilots, all of whom were competing for the Concordat teams' lead pilot position. Extremely precise combat techniques and exquisite grace mark Tala's fighting style when she's on somebody's six. She has an unfortunate tendency to fluster under fire and her natural caution, while good for running a patrol on the Concordat's borders, works against her in the tournament. Many speculate that it is this lack of adaptability that will prevent her from achieving the gold. Others look at her performance thus far and find themselves impressed. Either way, Tala is a formidable opponent.

Like all citizens of the Concordat, Tala is on a rotating sequence for military service. She has been deferred from her latest service requirement in order to participate in the tournament.