October 2014 challenge: “One Room”

36 entries


  • dist_postcomp_10-26.zip — Essentially the same as the last file, but with an EXE version included. Also fixed music not playing after loading a save.
  • dist_final.zip — The final submission version. 6 levels, 2 music tracks.
An "escape the locked room" game, inspired by Untrusted. VERSION ON HERE IS OUTDATED, GRAB IT FROM http://schilcote.itch.io/INJECTION

Entrant: schilcote


Dojo is a minimalistic versus fighting game. In one dojo, with one life, so one hit causes one win.
The gameplay is based on the fact that you can grab the walls and ceiling of the room to jump on your opponent.

I'm currently developing a library called mvctools based on pygame and the MVC pattern.
PyWeek is a good opportunity to see if it can actually be useful :)

Entrant: vxgmichel

Get out

This is a textbased game I coded on my phone to see if I could. Enjoy...

Entrant: HipetyHopit

Fast Food

Goal: You are cook working for a Fast Food restaurant. Your job is to make burgers, fries, and soda and give them to the correct customer in the fastest time possible.

Entrant: Mach_5

One Room Shack

Drinkin beer and catchin fish

Rack up prize money as you compete in an endless cycle of ice fishing derbies. Make sure you're drinking something that the fish you want to catch like and watch out for hungry sturgeons.

Source Github: https://github.com/iminurnamez/oneroom

Windows Executable Github: https://github.com/iminurnamez/oneroomshack_windowsexecutable

Entrant: iminurnamez

Pi Wizard

Im going solo.

Entrant: supersammy00

Unvisible - one room, one hit man, one target, one outcome?

A card and dice game where you must try to complete a series of hits without being detected by the police.

Needs Python 2 (doesn't work on 3!)

Entrant: paulpaterson

Vixelli's Adventure

Yeah, Vixelli had a pretty good life. He was a main character in a very popular video game, and was well loved. Sadly his life was cut short by a critical game error. Do video game characters go to heaven? First time at PyWeek!

Entrant: cbrocGames

The Floor is Lava

Collect as many coins as you can while trying not to fall in the lava as the floor crumbles below you. Play with up to 3 of your friends on local multiplayer, or up to however many gamepads you have.

Entrant: Quikli


First time Pyweek entry. You control a group of micro-organisms trapped in an small 'room' and must help them to survive until they can escape. Guide them by protecting the little ones with those trained for fighting while amassing enough of them to make their final escape before being overwhelmed. Only tested on Windows XP/Vista/7

Entrant: Lotheran

One Room

You are an intergalactic carpet fitter on a mission to fit out the Universe 'one room' and one carpet tile at a time! Of course, complications such as monsters arise :-) As you are in the interior design division and not the marines, your only option is to avoid them.

Use WASD to move around or D-pad on a gamepad. You carry 30 tiles at a time, if you run out then return to your ship to get more.

Entrant: daftspaniel


The life of a pizza delivery guy is full of adventure. Working for Rooman's Pizza is a dream. Literally. Having dozed off in your One Room flat, life unexpectedly takes off in a new direction.

Please see README.txt for essential details, including the rest of the back story.

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

The Family's treasure tale

Displace the living room's furniture, or displace the whole room in the house to protect the family's treasure.

Team: sremot, wonderchef


solo entry yet again..

Entrant: gizmo_thunder


You are trapped in a dark room with giant spiders. Luckily you got some weapons and torches with you. Unlucky for you: torches tend to burn up when used. And the spiders will kill you as soon as the light goes out.

Kill spiders to find more torches. Beware not to touch the spiders, they will take away your torches!


  • Python :) (tested with 2.7)
  • Pygame
  • Six (included in newer version)

Entrant: grummi


For the latest versions, see https://github.com/cxong/Slappa/releases

Arcade minigame about slapping projectiles and beating high scores.

Punch and jump your way to a high score! Slap the projectiles back at monsters! Don't get hit!


Entrant: congusbongus

Walls - The AMazIng Room

Just one room. But is it really?

Readme and licensing in source package. Running from source requires pygame.
Otherwise consider using the mac or windows standalone applications

Team: jonw665, myonkorux, mchawla33

Limbo room

Hero a gamer boy who is boring to win all the video games that he has, so he always have a desire to live inside a video game, make the things real. and one night this desire came true, or some thing like that, cause he isn't living a video game, he is in a middle room between the real world and videogame's world, but he isn't alone here, many zombies around, collect power to travel through the portal.

Entrant: andarms


Guess what items are in the dark room to turn on the light!

Team: cyhawk, Alex, Forevian, nchris

Soul Trip

Congratulations, you've been selected!
Unzip the source distribution, cd to the resulting directory, and run `python soultrip.py` to start the game.

Team: assertivist, paperstarships, mikekronberger

The Never Ending Dungeon

Now you've done it! You've stumbled upon a cursed dungeon comprised of but a single room. However, it will throw every curve-ball it can, sending wave after wave of baddies while constantly changing the shape of the playing-field. You must fight to survive! You can message me about this project at: raubana@gmail.com

Entrant: raubana

One Room And A Goblin Invasion

WARNING: ZIP-BOMB INCOMING! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Requires: Python 3.4, PyGame 1.9 Programming, Graphics done by me. Forgot to include a README.txt aswell because I was under pressure. Simply double-click OneRoomAndAGoblinInvasion.py to start the game. You're happily living in one room. But suddenly there is a goblin invasion happening. How long can you defend your clean room from too many goblins and their mess they make?

Entrant: Master47

Zort the Explorer

A partial game by bitcraft, wkmanire, and AlecksG. Includes basic gameplay, but only only a few levels. We ran out of time before more levels could be completed. Thanks for checking it out! Full source can be found at: https://github.com/bitcraft/pyweek19 Windows and OS X binaries are coming soon.

Team: bitcraft, wkmanire

Sentient Storage

Point & Click adventure!

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, Satyrane, Brendan, eofpi, Christine, Spears Dracona

Room of Runes

Team: acarl123, Boler, Runt481, eyecreate

Not Alone

A horror game. Make your way out of the large room. There are other things in the room with you.

Entrant: faircall


In Pacewar, there are two teams of ships. The two teams fight in a nebula. Each time a team wins, a meter moves towards that team's direction, and the other team gets more ships. The team that gets its meter filled on its side first wins the game.

So, what does this have to do with "one room"? Well, it's a technicality. I chose to define a "room" as the SGE Game Engine's definition, which is basically a single "location" in the game, kind of like the "rooms" in many adventure games, or levels. I only used one of the SGE's "rooms" in this game; even the main menu doesn't have its own separate room. The arena is also very room-like in that there are barriers at the edge.

Pacewar homepage (includes some post-Pyweek updates): http://pacewar.nongnu.org

Entrant: onpon4

One Room RPG

My mini game developed in one day.

Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7w_m37ZNUY

This game was inspired by "One Tap Quest" http://shimage.net/one-tap-quest/

Entrant: petraszd

Legend of Goblit

An Adventure Stage Play by Daniel Pope.

You play a young trainee wizard named Goblit who is unexpectedly required to rise to new challenges.

This game was inspired by classic adventure games, but also took inspiration from single-set stage plays. Naturally, all of the action is set in one room.

Entrant: mauve

Deep Death

  • Deep Death Windows v2.zip — .exe for Windows. READ THE README! FILE
  • Deep Death SC v2.zip — Source code for other OS's besides Windows. Information for what is needed is in the readme! file. This is also useable in Windows obviously.
  • Deep Death Windows.zip — .exe for ease to play on windows. Read the README! file.
  • Deep Death SC.zip — Source code (.py) for Linux/OSx/etc. You need to read the readme file for the dependencies required.
This game is about a lonely man (you) trapped in a single room in space after an explosion from the first space station in your neighbor solar system. You must find a way to communicate with your home planet before you run out of oxygen!

Entrant: foxhunter12


And now! At Last! Another game completely different from some of the other games which aren't quite the same as this one is.
In this game you are faced with the task to pair cubes of the same color. Once a cube of a given color is selected (you select id by walking into it) all the other cubes turn black, and you need to find some cubes that were the same color before they blacked-out.
Cubes can, and will be, on different sides of the game board (the board itself is a cube) and you will be given extra score (up to 6x more!) for pairing cubes on different sides.
Refer to the readme.txt for more info.

Entrant: wezu

Joe's Furniture Removals

You have just been hired as a delivery boy for Joe's Furniture Removals. Move customer's furniture out of their old house and into their new by pushing each item using the arrow keys. Watch the time limit! Earn money for successful deliveries and save Joe's company from financial ruin! My first attempt at PyWeek ...

Entrant: mit-mit

One Room

An epic journey revolving around one room, jumping on platforms, and an awful lot of treasure. The Spanish demand a ransom for the Inca Atahualpa! Collect enough gold and silver treasure to fill one room - three times! Based on a true story.

Entrant: dholth

Get Out

You are stuck in a room. You must find all the keys and the exit door without getting covered in goo by the exploding monsters all around you. W,A,S,D or arrow key movement mouse click and space bar to force explode a monster if you have enough ammo.

Team: renuncln, simons7er

The Forgotten Angel

I ran out of time on this entry. It's terribly incomplete, and a bit buggy. There are a lot of rough edges and missing conveniences. If something doesn't make sense, please consult HINTS.txt.

The fleet is massing for a covert operation in the Sector of the Nine Angels, a cluster of nine stars with a long, complicated history. Suddenly, one of the Angels undergoes a catastrophic collapse, that destroys most of the fleet and cuts off communication throughout the sector. The surviving senior officer on board the fleet flagship Exelu reaches out to a stranger flying a small, one-room capsule. Together they must do everything possible to make it through the disaster and solve the mystery.

Team: Cosmologicon, marybee

The Sniper's Room

Snipers are hunting you. Find the room where the sniper is before the sniper finds you. A game of logic and perception.

Entrant: Tee