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The Floor is Lava

Collect as many coins as you can while trying not to fall in the lava as the floor crumbles below you. Play with up to 3 of your friends on local multiplayer, or up to however many gamepads you have.


let the FULLSCREEN flow through you
Presented by grummi

One Size Fit All
Presented by wezu

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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.8

Respondents: 17


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Revised for python 2.7 support
Quikli 2014/10/11 01:41
All Done
Quikli 2014/10/10 23:35
Menu and Multiplayer.png
Main Menu screen
Quikli 2014/10/10 17:33
floor is lava refined.png
refined tiles and added transitions
Quikli 2014/10/08 19:10
floor is lava.png
basic tiles done
Quikli 2014/10/08 16:28

Diary Entries

2 Hours in

Currently drawing a blank for a good game idea off of the "One Room" theme. Was kinda hoping for One Button or One action to make it a button masher style action game. One Room makes me think Strategy, Puzzle, or maybe Some sort of Adventure game where instead of moving from room to room, you stay in the room and it changes around you.

That aside, wasted lots of time trying to get text to render transparently in pygame. The only solution I could find ( I don't like because it is rendering the text against the background, then re-rendering that against the previous background with opacity. Instead, i'll probably just pre-render any text I need in gimp with opacity already taken care of.

Working on basic infrastructure for a Scene-based game

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Change of ideas day

Had a couple major game idea shifts today. Very excited about the current idea. Considering the best way to handle controls. I'm thinking keyboard only for simplicity, and add gamepad support if time permits later.

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End of Day 2

Got the startings of a pretty fun multiplayer arcade game (local multiplayer w/ multiple gamepads, not network). Starting to work on sprite graphics. Tomorrow's goal is to have a map system. Since the theme is "One Room", I will only have 1 map, so maybe I go hard-coded instead of tilemap.

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Tiles tiles tiles and more tiles

Finally have all of the tiles done for my floor is lava game. The randomization routines for which tiles convert to lava probably needs some work, but next up I need to make character sprites and coin sprites. The players will have to collect as many coins as they can before falling in lava. simple enough but should be a lot of fun to do the rest of the game logic once the graphics are done.

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More progress

Things are really starting to become rhythmic. Added a player sprite with running animation, collision detection with the pits, a couple bug fixes, and gamepad support (it's much easier to control on a gamepad!

Next up is a scoring system and graphics for the items you'll have to pick up to get points. After that, it's score board, menus, 2 player support, and sound. Was worried this morning, but it looks like I'm back on track to complete it in time!

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Menus, Multiplayer, Sound, and Packaging

Things are starting to really come together. Multi-player is working as far as I can tell (play testing multi-player is tough solo). I only need a few sound effects and should be able to wrap those up shortly. I still need to finish the high score system for single player, don't think I want high scores for multi-player. Right now the only dependencies are pygame and the standard library. Need to write a readme and test on python 2.7. Should be on track for getting it all done in time.

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Calling it compeleted

The game is as complete as I think I can get it without rushing features along without proper testing.

The download for the game is here in .zip format:download

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