PyWeek - Quikli - feedback

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4 4 3

It's a simple idea, but this is fun! The graphics are nice and I appreciate the sounds. It kind of
reminds me of one of those mini-games in those party-type games. I wish there were a more
tangible goal to aim for rather than just a highscore, but I can see that it would be more fun if I
weren't playing by myself. Actually, even if you just added a very visible highscore in the
main screen that would be enough to motivate me to keep trying to beat my own score. Anyway,
that's a minor thing, this is pretty fun. Nice work!

3 3 3

Nice, simple idea. Good controls. Good challenge level. My high score was 15. I found you just
kinda have to go for it, you know? Don't be too cautious. It's kind of like life in that way, I

3 2 3

Very bad form to only support such a big resolution. I own several laptops and Monitors, and I
have not one that supports this resolution. Therefore I deducted points for production. I had
to change the game to run in windowed mode to get it to start at all.

Gameplay seems OK. Didn't have the chance to test gamepad support, but the keyboard controlls
are very nice. Good controll of the player character, feels very nice.

Highscore mode is a definitive plus, it helps competively gameplay.

3 3 4

Cool idea, and pretty fun to play, hampered by the controls not always working properly.

4 4 3


2 3 3

I cold be fun in multiplayer. For solo - not so much.

3 3 2

It's quite fun, and well made! I'm sure it's nice in multiplayer. I don't have a 1920x1080
screen, so I had to change the code, and could not see the whole map.

3 3 2

This seems hard enough without so many random floor degradations. Controls were good, would
have liked some music

3 3 4

Cool idea. The graphics are nice.

3 3 3

The floor disintegration looked cool.

4 4 3

Nice to have up-to-4 players modes with controller support. Simple but fun !

3 3 3

Fun, challenging, but simple. Nice to have scoreboard. Didn’t have multiple gamepads to test
out multiplayer, but my guess is this doesn't change the gameplay fundamentally, just means
you outlast your friends.

2 2 3

Neat game. It reminded me a bit of centipede the way that you had to try to avoid going over the
parts where you have walked before. I liked the lava graphics. The controls had me a bit
confused to begin with. Because you rotate the view of the player character when moving down
the screen I somehow expected the R/L to reverse (like FPS controls).

3 3 2

Had to change resolution to my computers needs. Overall a nice game.

2 2 2

This game is decent, but it's nothing special and not something I'm likely to ever play again. I
was also annoyed that such a simple game would require a full-HD display to work; I had to plug my
laptop into the TV to play it properly, since I have a 1366x768 screen.

3 3 2

This is a really cool game. Good job!

2 3 2

It's hard to comment too meaningfully. It's been done before, and arcade style best-score
games just never play fun for me. I'm sorry my personal tastes hit that score.