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Currently drawing a blank for a good game idea off of the "One Room" theme. Was kinda hoping for One Button or One action to make it a button masher style action game. One Room makes me think Strategy, Puzzle, or maybe Some sort of Adventure game where instead of moving from room to room, you stay in the room and it changes around you.

That aside, wasted lots of time trying to get text to render transparently in pygame. The only solution I could find (http://www.nerdparadise.com/tech/python/pygame/blitopacity/) I don't like because it is rendering the text against the background, then re-rendering that against the previous background with opacity. Instead, i'll probably just pre-render any text I need in gimp with opacity already taken care of.

Working on basic infrastructure for a Scene-based game

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If you change your mind about transparency, there are special flags for the Surface.fill method: def shade(surface, ratio): color = 255, 255, 255, 255*ratio surface.fill(color, special_flags=pygame.BLEND_RGBA_MULT) Works like a charm ! ;)