A screenshot of the dungeon in one of it's many forms.

The Never Ending Dungeon

Now you've done it! You've stumbled upon a cursed dungeon comprised of but a single room. However, it will throw every curve-ball it can, sending wave after wave of baddies while constantly changing the shape of the playing-field. You must fight to survive! You can message me about this project at: raubana@gmail.com


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File Uploader Date
The Never Ending Dungeon.zipfinal
The Never Ending Dungeon
raubana 2014/10/11 18:07
screenshot-final 1.pngfinal
A screenshot of the dungeon in one of it's many forms.
raubana 2014/10/11 18:06
The overworld, where you choose either to continue or to start a new game.
raubana 2014/10/10 06:20
Killscreen >:)
raubana 2014/10/09 06:49
This is really fun - a lot has improved today.
raubana 2014/10/08 01:22
Added A* Pathfinding
raubana 2014/10/07 12:58
Added stab animation.
raubana 2014/10/06 22:12
Added sprites for the player
raubana 2014/10/06 19:45
Finished tile system
raubana 2014/10/06 18:35

Diary Entries

Finished Tile System

So far, I've managed to create and finish the tile-system for the game, with allows for scrolling and dynamic rendering of the background in a relatively efficient way. I still need to get the player finished and the screen isn't being centered right...

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Added Character Sprites

I managed to center the screen properly and I have a working walk-cycle now. Now I have to do collision detection with tiles that are walls.

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Tile-based Collision Detection and Correction is working!

I managed to implement a system for all Entity objects that allows them to correct their position so they don't pass through walls. I've also added a thing so that the 'camera' want to center on the middle of the dungeon, but will move when the player gets too close to the sides of the screen. I think I'll try to implement an attack animation for the player next. After that, I'm thinking I'll be making my first baddie.

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Improved Movement and Stab animation are in!

After I managed to get the sword sprite into the player class, fiddling with how to get it to point in the correct direction led me to discover that it's best to use events for choosing which direction to move (and of course deciding when to start moving), and instead of using events for when the player needs to stop I check if the key that matches with the player-characters direction is still being pressed. This creates incredibly smooth and responsive movement.

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Added hurt animation, and further improved controls!

I added in a hurt animation that is composed of two parts: an initial part where the character is red, has no control, and goes flying in some direction; and a post-hurt part where the player has control but can't be harmed, and will rapidly switch between full opacity to half opacity. After that, the player returns to normal. I also managed to fix that weird bug where the sword could be aimed in a different direction than where the player is facing, plus I managed to make it so the player character will continue to grab directional events - even when in the middle of a swing - so that the user can take immediate control with a new direction as soon as the swing is over.

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First Baddie (currently Brainless), damage and death!

I've managed to add in my first baddie! At the moment, the baddie has no AI, but I've also included code for having both the player and the baddie take damage and die. The player even does a little spinning death when he dies, like in LoZ.

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Added A* Path finding!

Good morning :D Alright, so already today I've managed to implement basic path-finding, which even has a nifty way of avoiding other mobs that may be "in the way". I need to test out having mobs move next.

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Falling Animations/Deaths and Working Baddies!

I've managed to get the Baddie to move around. I've also added in simple falling animations for both the baddies and the player. I'm going to implement the dungeon transition system next.

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Created 'Transition' parent-class - running into problems...

I created a special class for handling transitioning between different grids. It's having some issues at the moment, but it seems promising. I'll post more about it later...

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Transitions work!

I got it to work! It looks REALLY freaking cool watching the grid you play on change as if by magic. Also, apparently I haven't been doing as many commits as I should have been, because that last commit was MASSIVE. More updates to come :D

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I really should be programming...

...but I can't stop playing this... I think I made a mistake, this is too addicting to keep programming. Oh, I also added in some rad music that can change in real-time to fit the mood.

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Added Sounds, Scripting, etc...

I managed to fix the AI for the baddies. I also added in some sounds and dynamic music, and just recently I added in the ability to script sequences which is freaking cool - I've never done scripted sequences before, so this should be pretty interesting.

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This is different lol

This game feels like a combination of I Want To Be The Guy, DanceDanceRevolution, and The Legand of Zelda. I like it :3

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I'm not going to lie...

I'm going to be VERY disappointed if I didn't at least get a mention or something :P This is some of the best stuff I've done in a while, and it's all really simple but really tight and REALLY fun :D

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I can't sleep.

I'm super nervous... I have all this stuff I want to get into my game, but I have no idea if I have enough time. I just have to force myself to get the main stuff done and then get the other stuff in afterwards, but I worry I'll lose interest in adding the other stuff if I focus on the important stuff for too long...I work best under pressure, after all. I've already written all of my ideas down, but it's 4:30 AM right now and I can't get myself to sleep despite my exhaustion. I guess I'll watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender to ease my mind before trying to get more sleep again.

I want to say it again, since it's been on my mind this whole time - I am pouring so much into this in so little time. The amount of character that this project shows is enough that I'd be emotionally shattered if no one noticed the amount of effort I've put into this. I know I shouldn't get my hopes too high, but I've got a good feeling I'm going to win this thing...

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Can't tell if doing well or just blinded by present progress...

I've managed to get most of my ideas in already! I still haven't created the levels, of course, but I'll start on that as soon as I finish implementing all of my ideas.

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Almost had a panic attack!

I lost track of what the time was and though I had a whole 24 hours less than I had planned for... luckily, I DO have those 24 hours, haha!

Alright, so I've managed to implement enough that if I spent the remainder of tomorrow just making levels (and doing finishing touches, like icons and intro sequences), I should have a complete enough game worth showing off. After that, I'll use most of Saturday for doing final tweaks and packaging.

Phew, still haven't calmed down yet, haha. Take it easy, everyone :3

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Intro-sequence is done!

Now I just have to finish the levels and have an ending... oh boy.

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Grind Day!

...or whatever you guys call it. I'm going to get an ending into my game today and call it good. If I have time, I'll put in more levels. Wish me luck!

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I think it's done!

The game, I must admit, is incredibly short. Still, it's pretty fun and there's a lot of potential with this project. Now I just have to get people to test it out, in case there's something I forgot.

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I've submitted my very first PyWeek entry at 2:08 PM (-4 GMT) on 10/11/2014 with about 5 hours 51 minutes to spare. I hope people like it :D