PyWeek - Team Raubana - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 4

Could have been longer, but was fun

4 4 4

This was more entertaining than I initially expected! I liked the idea of the ever-changing
room. The game also feels polished. I can imagine that an extended version of this game would
work out well. Nice work!

4 4 3 yes

(DQ flagged because of music licensing, but other than that:) Cool idea, and well executed,
gameplay felt very smooth with the transitions. Controls a bit clunky, though. Was quite
short for something labeled "neverending", though. :p

4 4 2 yes

A well made game! Good controls, nice animations, solid, if unoriginal, design. It's really
short though, which is a let down after the "never ending" claim. Unless I'm missing
something, you cannot use a Megaman remix as your music.

5 4 3

Well polished game, and very fun to play! The music is great and is well synchronized with the

4 4 4

Great stuff ! I like the gameplay with the disappearing tiles, and it is definitely nice to have
opening and ending sequences. Oh, and good job on the ending music!

5 5 4

Awesome! Loved the Mega Man music and the vocal work :) The setup at the beginning is amazing, I
would maybe be a little more forgiving during the opening sequence when you're demonstrating
the mechanics of the dungeon. But that's really reaching for something to pick on. Very well

3 3 4

Interesting take on a dungeon.

4 3 4

Good game! Very interesting with the changing levels. But it could have been explained
better. I died once because I didn't know what was happening. Good controls, even though it
assumes a qwerty keyboard layout. I liked the intro / starting screens.

5 4 4

Very nice and complete game. I really like the idea of the constantly changing room presenting
lots of different kinds of challenges that you have to try to work out. The graphics and sound
all work nicely together. I particularly liked some of the subtle camera moves - it really made
it feel polished.

3 3 3

Interesting concept and good use of sounds and scripted effects/music/voice to create
tension, keep the player engaged. Reasonably fun. It feels like one big boss battle where the
boss is the room (good use of the theme). Main character looks like zelda with no ears :) ...

4 4 4

Nice effects. Fade and dungeon morphs. Good execution of theme in the strict sense. This was
responsible for my higher score for innovation. The game was fast moving without being too
twitchy. Nice balance. And retro cute. :) Way to go! Really nice for a one-week solo endeavor.

4 5 3

When looking at the screenshot, I was a bit skeptical, but actually the production is
impressive! The graphics are consistent and absolutely in correlation with the retro music
and gameplay. The animations and the level design is more than acceptable for a one-week
challenge. Nice job!

5 3 4

I love the pacing. It's very thrilling. The simplicity of the gameplay is great, and the
difficulty curve is just right. It just needs a bit more content!

3 5 4

This game has a very nice presentation and a neat idea, and it's also pretty fun to play. I do have
two criticisms, though:

- It took me a few minutes to figure out the controls, since there are no instructions and the
controls are unusual.

- It wasn't obvious without memorization what squares were safe. I ended up deciding that the
lighter-colored squares must be safe, but even that turned out to be wrong at one point.