I've submitted my very first PyWeek entry at 2:08 PM (-4 GMT) on 10/11/2014 with about 5 hours 51 minutes to spare. I hope people like it :D

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It's really well done, Good Job! I was a little disappointed when it ended. The title after all is Never-Ending Dungeon. I had assumed the levels were randomly generated in some way to keep it going. Even without it being never-ending, it's really quite well done and fun for only a week of effort.
Hey, thanks! :D
I found it quite enjoyable, too. One criticism: with no instructions, it took me quite some time to figure out the unusual controls of WASD+Enter.
I was super impressed by this! It felt really good to play, the aesthetic was nailed, and it reminded me of the older sorta console games I played growing up. Really well done. Extra style points for the fades and cut-scenes.