The Family's treasure tale

Displace the living room's furniture, or displace the whole room in the house to protect the family's treasure.


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.3
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.6

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
sremot 2014/10/11 20:06
Final submission - Source distribution
sremot 2014/10/11 19:58
Fnal submission - Windows binary
sremot 2014/10/11 19:56
Version 1.0.0 - Windows binary
sremot 2014/10/11 16:42
Version 1.0.0 - source distribution
sremot 2014/10/11 16:34
Burglar is coming...
sremot 2014/10/11 09:38
wonderchef 2014/10/09 18:58
wonderchef 2014/10/09 18:54
Room background and minimap
wonderchef 2014/10/08 07:47
Menu v1
sremot 2014/10/07 11:25

Diary Entries

Getting started

We have started this Pyweek Challenge as a team. Steven won't be able to spend much time on it because of his work while I'll have to focus on both code (being a newbie in Python) and art, but we hope to finish our game in time.

Today we agreed on our game idea. Fortunately the theme 'One Room' got us both inspired. The Family's Treasure Tale will take place in a family house's living room. At the beginning, the family finds a treasure and decide to hide it somewhere in the living room. Some events occur menacing the family's treasure, for example a burglary.
The player will play the house's spirit. By displacing furniture in the room or displacing the whole room in the house, he will be able to change the course of events and protect the family's treasure.

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Settled the game's base architecture

We spent some time creating an entity-component-system module, and adding some graphics and event layers on top of pygame. This took us some time, but we are satisfied with our architecture. Alexandre could finish the first version of the menu and the game over screen today. We have also implemented some basic tiling system, so now the low-level code is done. We can move on the assets, the definition of the house, and the animation system.


Room and minimap

Yesterday I made some basic sprites to display the background of the room, aka the ground and the walls. We chose a perspective inspired by 2D Zelda games, because we need to see easily where are the doors and the windows in the room. I added sprite support in our architecture and now we have the room on the screen. Steven worked on the description of the house and the minimap that locates the room into the house. He also made an animation system to move our entities. Today I'm going to make some furniture sprites, and then, extend the animation system to support animated characters.

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Filling the room

In the two previous days, we have made a lot of progress in the code. We now have animation, event planification and a day/night cycle. I had to work a lot on the assets, which takes some time because I'm a beginner in pixel art. I had some trouble to create the, though very minimalistic, animation of the character. But the room is filling up, little by little.

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Scenario finished, now polishing the game...

We finished writing all the scenario, the game is now playable. For the last day, we are polishing our work by adding bubbles, improving light effets, and adding various little details.

We tried to create a py2exe executable, and we obviously underestimated the work that must be done to make it work. Actually, we did not succeed for now. I hope we can retry later. Our only requirement is Pygame, that most of you should have installed on their computer, so our entry may be acceptable even without py2exe executable.


First submission

We got our first submission. We could create a standalone executable using Pyinstaller. We did not tell it sooner, but the source is also available on github.

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Final submission

We could polish the game for a final submission! Alexandre added bubbles on characters, and extended the scenario while I was fixing bug and adding sounds.

This is the end of our first pyweek, and it was a really nice experience. We have got in the end a game we may not have even finished in normal time. We hope you will enjoy our game as we enjoyed making it !

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