Scenario finished, now polishing the game...

We finished writing all the scenario, the game is now playable. For the last day, we are polishing our work by adding bubbles, improving light effets, and adding various little details.

We tried to create a py2exe executable, and we obviously underestimated the work that must be done to make it work. Actually, we did not succeed for now. I hope we can retry later. Our only requirement is Pygame, that most of you should have installed on their computer, so our entry may be acceptable even without py2exe executable.

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If you figure out the py2exe problems, I'd be interested in hearing what you did to get it to work. I followed py2exe's hello world tutorial and it's .exe didn't work (crashed on some pygame internals). My game also only depends on pygame, so we could be having the same problems.
We had a chain of problems with py2exe, and we are now trying to use pyinstaller instead. I will let you know if we get more chance with this.
We succesfully built a single executable bundling all the program and data with pyinstaller ! You can see our specification file, and also how we changed the file in the same repository.