Settled the game's base architecture

We spent some time creating an entity-component-system module, and adding some graphics and event layers on top of pygame. This took us some time, but we are satisfied with our architecture. Alexandre could finish the first version of the menu and the game over screen today. We have also implemented some basic tiling system, so now the low-level code is done. We can move on the assets, the definition of the house, and the animation system.

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Ah, I'd love to see your component-entity system module when you're done, if you think it's presentable.
You can see it on our github repository : It is the ecs module It does not follow the strict entity-component-system (for example an entity is not an id but a component collection), because we tried to have some shorthands. One could say it is a toy ecs :-) . But it allows a great modularity and reuse of code.